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eZee Burrp Lite Application

What is Burrp Lite application?
eZee BurrP! Lite is a restaurant management app that simplifies operations, save time, and provide personalized service to their customers. It is integrated with eZee BurrP! Restaurant POS system and synced data vice a versa.

Mobile/Tablet specifications(Minimum):

  • Android version: Android 5.0 – Lollipop
  • Available with Android  Application Only (Not available with MAC/iOS)
  • RAM Size: 2 GB
  • Resolution: 800 X 1280

Installation Requirement:

  • eZee Burrp application worked on or above version
  • Need Fix /Static IP address on the server machine
  • Tablet/Mobile device and eZee Burrp server machine (where eZee Light Service is installed) must be under same wireless network
  • i.e. Download “Ping” application from Google Play Store and enter IP address of eZee Burrp machine where eZee Light Service is installed to check connectivity
  • Turn off firewall in eZee Burrp machine or add advance rules

Note: Currently it is not support any credit card interface or other payment gateway.

Printer Setting:  eZee Burrp terminal printer setting applicable to application

License: Burrp lite services need one time license (Based on tablet/mobile device count)

How to do interface of Burrp Application:

  • Install eZee Light Service in the burrp terminal (Prefer server machine) in the  eZee Application Path
  • Start eZee Light Service as run as administrator
  • Install eZee Burrp Mobile Application in Tablet/Mobile Device and enter Service IP address display with eZee Light Service (See in the screenshot)
    You need to approve the device from eZee POS Back Office >> 3 Bullet Points >> Mobile Devices >> Request Device >> Approve

You can login to application with burrp credentials

User Privilege: eZee Burrp Lite App User Privilege

Manual: eZee Burrp Lite App User Guide