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eZee Absolute Release 2.0.5

Minimax fiscal integration with eZee Absolute for Croatia

We have integrated with Minimax fiscal for users in Croatia.

In Croatia, the invoicing for cash and credit cards must be done using fiscalization. So we have integrated eZee Absolute with Minimax fiscal.

Take a look at how the interface works with eZee Absolute.

In eZee Absolute Configuration:

Go to Settings > Others > Minimax Fiscal Integration. To use this fiscal, you need to add the below-shown information, using which we will verify your minimax fiscal account.

The fiscal mappings depend on your Minimax account detail. So you have to map all the valid details in this section.

Below settings will let your interface decide to send prices as VAT inclusive or VAT exclusive.


In eZee Absolute Front Office:

To perform fiscalization, some guest details are mandatory like guest name, address, country, state, city, and phone number.

On check out, if the Minimax interface is enabled in any property; then one screen will open where you need to select invoice which he/she needs to fiscalize via the Minimax API.

Once the invoice is selected, click on ‘Fiscalise Invoice’ button and invoice will be sent to Minimax for further operations. We do have print invoice operation available using which you can print the fiscalised invoice.

We have placed two more options for generating fiscalized invoice post check-out. One is on the ‘Stay View’ screen and second is on the ‘Edit Transaction’ Screen.

Guest request notification in eZee Absolute App

You’ll now be notified of the requests your guests make from the Guest Portal in the eZee Absolute mobile app.

  • Steps to receive notifications in the eZee Absolute app:

  1. Click on Menu and select ‘Notification Setting’.

  2. Change ‘Guest Portal Request’ toggle to receive notifications.

  • Whenever guest sends any request from the Guest Portal, then the notification
    will be sent to both; eZee Absolute front office and eZee Absolute

  • Front Office notification:

  • eZee Absolute app notification:

Housekeeping now available in eZee Absolute App

Perform your housekeeping operations from the eZee Absolute app.

We have introduced the feature of “Housekeeping” in eZee
Absolute hotel management mobile app. It will you to keep track of
rooms/units you have in your hotel. This is similar to what we have in eZee
Absolute front office. Further, we have broken this module in 3 sub-modules
which are as follows:

A) House Status

As its name depicts, the ‘House Status’ will let you manage your room/unit
status. With the help of this feature, your front office manager can keep track
of all the rooms/units.

Select “House Status” from the menu. It will open House Status screen. As you
can see, it will display all rooms/units with their status (i.e Dirty or
clean). Besides, the system will also bifurcate all the rooms/units based on the housekeeper to whom it is assigned.

Check below screenshot of House Status screen. Here we have 2

housekeepers, Basir and Darth. We have assigned few rooms to both of them.
Rooms with red background depict dirty rooms, whereas green background depicts clean room.

We are using icons to indicate Housekeeping remarks, front desk remarks,
housekeeper in room, and such likes.

The front office manager can perform various operations like add/modify
remarks, assign/un-assign housekeeper and many more. Let’s go through the

  1. Update Room Status: You can update room status from clean to dirty and vice versa.
    Check steps in below screenshots.


  1. Clear Status: You can also clear the room status. Check steps in
    below screenshots.

  1. Edit Staff: You can add/update housekeeper staff assigned to any room. Check steps in below screenshots.


  1. Unassign staff: You can un-assign housekeeper from any room. Check steps in below screenshots.


  1. Edit remarks: You can add/update housekeeping remarks for the housekeeper to consider while cleaning that room. Check steps in below screenshots.



  1. Clear remarks: You can remove the remarks on any transaction. This option is only visible when a remark is assigned to the room. Check steps in below screenshots.


  1. Color status: We’re using various indicators like status color, icons and more in this
    screen. Check below screenshot which will tell you the purpose each icon/color is serving.

  1. Search: You can search room by Room Type. Check steps in below




  1. Sort: You can sort rooms in ascending order. Check steps in below screenshots.

  1. Bulk operation: You can perform a single operation on multiple rooms at a time. Check steps in below screenshots.




Housekeepers will have their own credentials of the app. Using those credentials,
the housekeeper can access this app to see which rooms are assigned to him/her
and he/she can update housekeeping status from this app itself.

The front office manager can also track which housekeeper is cleaning which room, as we are showing the corresponding status to the front office manager. Check below screenshot. Here, Basir is currently cleaning ABS3-302. So it will display an icon with a person in House Status screen at front office manager’s end.

Housekeeper module

Each and every housekeeper will have his own credentials which are
provided by the manager. Housekeepers can use their credentials to access this
application. They’ll be able to see only those rooms which are assigned to him/her.

Check screenshots displaying the rooms assigned to the housekeeper.
Further, the system will bifurcate each room according to the room status (i.e. Dirty or

How can a housekeeper use this application?
  1. Let’s say that the housekeeper goes to clean the room – ABR-303. Below are the few steps which he/she has to perform.
  2. Click on the room button. It will display room information with guest information.
  3. It will also display some remarks which housekeeper needs to consider while cleaning that room.
  4. Now if the room is dirty, the system will display “Start” button. The housekeeper needs to press this button before he begins to clean the room.

After pressing on the ‘Start’ button, the housekeeper will have 2 options, “Clean” or
“Hold”. If the housekeeper finishes cleaning the room, then he/she will press on “Clean”.

While cleaning room, if housekeeper wants to go in another room
(because of another higher priority or urgency), then he/she can press on “Hold”.

B) Maintenance Block List
  • To access Maintenance Block list: Menu > Maintenance Block List

  1. Add room to maintenance block list.

  • Clicking on ‘+’ or on ‘:’ in the status bar and select ‘Add Block’.

  • Steps to block room(s):

  1. Select the room(s) to block or click on select all to block all the

  2. Click on Next to move to next slide.

  3. Select ‘From Date’ and ‘End Date’ for which the block is to be maintained and
    click on Next.

  4. If you want to change the selected room then click on ‘Prev’ to go
    back to room selection step.

5. Select the reason for which the room is to be blocked, and click on Next.

6. Select the status on which you want to block the room.

7. Click on Block Room to block the room(s).

8. Click on ‘Prev’ to move to previous step(s) to change the reason or selected

  • Steps to edit a blocked room:

  1. Click ‘:’ in the card and select ‘Edit Blocked Room’.

  2. Change the dates as per your requirements, and click on ‘Next’.

  3. If you want to change the reason, then select the appropriate reason and click on

  4. If status exists and you want to change it, then select the new status and click
    on ‘Next’.

  • Steps to unblock room:

  1. Click on ‘:’ in the card and select ‘Unblock room’.

  2. Click on ‘OK’ to unblock the room.

  • Steps to see audit trails of Block Room:

  1. Click on ‘:’ in the card and select ‘Audit Trail’.

  2. A screen will open which shows all the audit trails of that particular room.

  • Steps to perform bulk operation:

  1. Select ‘:’ from the top bar and select ‘Bulk Operation’.

  2. Select the operation you want to perform in bulk.


  1. Select the room(s) to unblock simultaneously and click on ‘Unblock room’
    to unblock selected room(s).

  2. Use ‘Select All’ option to unblock all the blocked rooms at once and click on ‘Unblock room’ on the bottom bar to perform the operation.

  • Search the Maintenance Block List:

  1. Select ‘:’ from the top bar and select ‘Search’ operation.

  2. Select the criteria by which you want to search.

C) Work Order List
  • To access the Work Order List: Menu > Work Order List


  • Steps to access work of different priorities:

  1. Click on ‘High’ to get the list of all the high priority tasks.

  2. Click on ‘Medium’ to get the list of all the medium priority tasks.

  1. Click on ‘Low’ to get the list of all the low priority tasks.


  • Steps to add new work order:

  1. Click on ‘+’ button on any slide (high, medium or low) to add new
    work order.
  2. Select all the necessary details to create a new work order.

  3. Click on ‘Save’ to create the new work order and click on ‘Reset’ to remove
    the select and enter data.

  • Steps to edit a work order:

  1. Click on ‘:’ on the card for which you want to edit work order.
  2. Select ‘Edit Work Order’ from bottom sheet.

  1. Change the data according to your need.

  2. Click on ‘Save’ to update that work order.

  • Steps to post notes in a work order:

  1. Click on ‘:’ in the card for which you want to post work order notes.

  2. Select ‘Post Notes’ from the list of operations.

  1. Enter or change the data as per your need.

  2. Click on ‘Save’ to update that work order.

  • Steps to see the timeline of a work order:

  1. Click on the area as shown in the image to see the timeline of any
    work order.

  2. Timeline is shown of that work order.

  • Steps to print work order:

  1. Click on ‘:’ in the card for which you want to print the work order.

  2. Click on ‘Print Work Order’.

  • Steps to search work order:

  1. Click on ‘:’ on the top bar of the app.

  2. Select ‘Search’ from the pop-over.


  1. Insert or select all the necessary details to search for any work order.

  2. Click on ‘Search’ to search or click on ‘Cancel’ to cancel the search
    or click on ‘Reset’ to reset the search panel.

eVisitor integration to support Croatian Tax Administration

We have implemented eVisitor integration with eZee Absolute in line with Croatia’s tax administration.

In Croatia, invoicing – for cash and credit cards must be done using fiscalization. So with this interface, data from eZee Absolute will be automatically sent to their tax authorities.

Take a look at how this interface works with Absolute:

In eZee Absolute Configuration:
  1. Settings > Property > Hotel Information
    • Hotel’s country should be Croatia. Once you change hotel’s country, you need to log out to get the eVisitor settings reflected.                
  2. Settings > Others > eVisitor Settings
    • Turn on eVisitor Interface and update your property key (Object ID), username and password.

    • Click eVisitor Document Types and map identity type to eVisitor doctype.
In eZee Absolute Front office:

When you attempt to perform check-in, edit check-in and check-out operations, the system will send needful data to eVisitor Interface.

Direct Check-in screenshot :

Reservation to check-in screenshot via Edit Transaction:

Reservation to check-in screenshot via menu:

Check-out screenshot via Edit Transaction:

Check-out screenshot via menu:


Ensure that below-mentioned mandatory fields should have data before you attempt to check-in:

  • Guest name
  • Address
  • State
  • City
  • Country
  • Birthdate
  • Identity details

If these fields don’t have data, then data will not be posted to the tax administration.

Once the data posted, you will be able to see its status on bookings audit trails.