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How to set preparation remark(special instruction) for an item in eZee Optimus?

Managing guest preferences can be hectic sometimes, but with eZee Optimus it becomes very easy for the server to record the special remarks asked by the guest to prepare an item.

Step 1: Punch the items first, then Click on the item as follows and Select Prep. Remark to add the remark for that item.

Step 2: Click on the Prep remark and it will open the popup,  add the remark like extra spicy, mild or any other comments for the chef.


Display Preparation remark on KOT(Kitchen Order Ticket): Add preparation remark tag on KOT so that the remarks mentioned by the server can print on the KOT, and  chef can be instructed to prepare the items accordingly.


             Optimus 2.0 Desktop Application.

Step 1: Select the item, Choose the item and select Prep. Remark option to add the special remarks/instructions asked by the guest.