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Does it allow to manage Package rate in eZee Absolute PMS system?

Now the system will apply package on booking for packaged rate type, in which system will post inclusion(s) charges defined for a package on folio and those inclusion(s) will be bifurcated from the nightly room charge.

For more details please go through below contents,…

From eZee absolute configuration, we can define package on a Rate Type itself from Rate -> Rate Type module. Here you can define existing rate type as packaged or same for a new one too. Please see below screenshot:

Once you set the rate type as a package, the system will show you one block where you have to configure further details for the package. Please see below screenshot,

Night(s): Define night for a package, based on the weekly, monthly, yearly package as per need.

Valid From & To If you want to sell rate type as a package for the specific duration like in peak season or in the festival, you can define package validity by date range. Within that date range, rate type will be treated as package otherwise same as normal(without package).

Min Night(s) & Max Night(s): If you want to sell rate type as a package for a specific night(s) of booking then set night validity. If booking night(s) are falling in this range, then the package will be applied on bookings, otherwise not.

Consolidate on Folio: Based on the defined night for a package, if you want to see consolidated room charge as a single entry, then check this setting. Otherwise, the system will show you room charges including the inclusion charges.

Note:: According to this setting, the print folio will display room charge(s) separately or together. As of now, we have implemented this in UK and India’s folio templates. If you need the same in your configured folio template, then please send its request to your account manager. It will be implemented based on your request. 

Display name on Folio: It’s optional if you set any custom name for the package, then that name while the display on consolidated entry otherwise rates type name will be displayed.

Inclusion List :

Inclusion: System will list all your extra charge(s). You can set a unique charge(s) once only per package.

Posting Rule: System will list posting rule. If you have set posting rule on the extra charge itself, then it will be auto-set on charge selection. Otherwise, you can set it manually.

Charge Rule: System will list charge rule. If you have set charge rule on the extra charge itself, then it will be auto-set on charge selection. Otherwise, you can set it manually.

Rate: if you have defined rates of the extra charge itself, then it will be auto-set on charge selection. Otherwise, you can set it manually.

Tax Incl. : You can define rate as exclusive or inclusive of tax.

This is all about how you can configure the package. Based on your needs, you can configure package on other rate types also. In a nutshell, you have to define rate type itself as a package. Now we will see how it will be reflected on booking.

Note:: You have to configure your rack-rate as well as rate including package rate. As package rate will be bifurcated from this rate on booking. Please keep a note on this point before starting with its actual usage.

If you have defined your rate type as a package, the system will display its respective charges on rate type list. Please see below screenshot,

eZee Reservation / Channel:
Same as rate type module of eZee Absolute Configuration, in eZee Reservation / Channel also you can configure package in rate type module.

eZee Absolute Front:
Let’s take one booking from walk In / Reservation screen with Bed & Breakfast rate type as we have defined package on this rate type. Once you select Bed & Breakfast, package option will appear in operation list as shown in below screenshot.

If you click on the package option, a below-displayed screen will appear.

The defined package will be shown here. You can modify it based on need otherwise default configured package will be applied on booking. Here we can consider like, all day-wise inclusion will be mapped with its respected posting date’s room charge. According to this, based on defined posting rule of inclusion, you can shift its binding with room charge wherever you want. See below screenshot, showing its default shuffle when you click on Inclusion Shuffle button. You can shift inclusion based on your needs.

Likewise, you can modify package on group booking too. Let’s see below screenshot showing package provision on group booking.

You can modify package for the whole group once from global options. Except that you can do the same for each individual booking too. See below screenshot for same.

You can see package details in the audit trail too. Like which definition is applied on booking, which inclusion posted and all.
This is all about how you can modify default applicable package at the time of insert booking in system.
Note:: If a package is applied on booking then the discount will not be applicable and the same vice versa.
Once a booking is inserted, there’s still a provision to modify the applied package from edit transaction. Let’s see how it is.

You can see it’s all details in the audit trail, like which inclusion is newly added or removed and updated with details. If you remove all inclusion then the whole package gets removed from booking and respected audit log will be displayed in audit trail screen. You can see its posting on the folio in the Folio Detail tab. Let’s see below.

Here, If the itemized list is unchecked, you can see a consolidated view based on the configured night for consolidate folio’s entry.

This is all about the package. How package will be applied on booking and how it looks on the folio.