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Date wise Tax Settings India GST

As per my Recent Experience related to the tax settings in our system. If we have 2 Different tax for same property in GST for eg;- Flat 18% upto 31st March 2018 & from 1st April 2018 tax changes to the Slabs.

We do not need to create Extra tax and keep apply date from 1st April 2018 we can edit the same Tax which is Flat tax and create Slab tax as per GST and Apply Date 1st April 2018. by which the Property will take default tax of 18% upto 31st March 2018 and than from 1st April 2018 the New Slab Tax is applied.

India GST but please note that this is related to Tax Settings so for any property/country it works like this only where you have to change the tax definition like changing tax % of changing tax type flat/%/Slab then you have to edit existing tax only and add the new applies from date from which you want to apply that tax and save it.