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Contactless (QR) Ordering

What is Contactless (QR Code) Ordering?

Contactless Ordering (QR Code): Contactless menus feature QR codes that customers point at and scan with their smartphone’s camera, taking them to an online digital menu where they can browse food and drink options.

We Provide Contactless ordering for following Order type.

  1. Dine-In
  2. Takeaway
  3. Delivery
  4. Room Service

In this Document we have added the following Points.

  1. How to Generate QR (Contactless) for Dine-in Order Type
  2. How to Generate QR (Contactless) for Room Service Order Type
  3. How to Generate QR (Contactless) for takeaway & Delivery Order Type
  4. How to place & Accept the orders from Qr (Contactless ) Feature

How to Generate QR (Contactless) for Dine-in Order Type

Click on the below link how to activate the Qr for dine-in.

Link :

Active contact less (QR) ordering and digital menu using QR code

Switch to Back – Click on Master – Click on Outlet -Click on (…) dots

Now we have to check mark the following option to activate the Contactless(QR code) Ordering

  1. Online Outlet Name: The name of the outlet that we want to show while placing a contactless order(QR Code) can be added here.
  2. Online Address:Here, we can add the address that we want to show up when ordering with a contactless (Qr code).
  3. Active Guest Ordering Mode : Turn this ON, if you want to allow the guests to place the order through scanning the QR code. If it’s turned OFF, then the guest would only see the menu items and won’t be able to place the order.
  4. Order Confirmation Using Terminal : The checkbox next to this option must be selected if we want to accept the order from the browser or desktop application.
  5. Order Confirmation Via Rapid Serve : This option must be checked if we want to accept the Qr code order from the mobile application.
  6. Activate Online Payment Mode :If we want the customer to pay for the order at the time the order is placed, we can check this option.
    Note: Payment Integration is chargable.
  7. Ask for Tip before marking Payment :You can check this box if you want to activate the tip option.
  8. Ask Guest Mobile Number :This option is helpful for collecting the guest’s mobile number if we want to add the guest’s information.
  9. Ask Guest Name : This option can be used if we want to collect the guest’s name

After selecting this option, we must add the ordering for the QR code.

Click On Setting- Click on QR Code Generator -Click on + Icon

When we click on the “+” icon it will ask for some selection

.1. Qr code For: Here, we must choose which order type the QR code should be activated for. 

  • Dine In
  • Room Service
  • Menu Link (Takeaway & Delivery )

Please note that the link/QR code would be different for the Dine-In and Take Away/Delivery order type.

Dine _In : Follow the below steps to generate the QR code for the Tables.

After choosing an option, you will be prompted to choose another one to activate the Qr code for dine-in.

Outlet : We have to select the Outlet Name

Menu : Here, we can choose the menu that will be shown when a QR code is ordered.

Rate: You can select the Different rate for the Qr code order, so we can apply.

Floor : Here, we must choose the floor (if there are more than one) for which we want to enable Qr code ordering.

Available Table : We can choose the tables to use for ordering QR codes.

Payment Method: We can select a payment settlement option for the customer to use when placing an order if you integrate a payment gateway with your website.

Allow Pay later : This option will be available if you let guests place orders, but all order settlement processing will be handled by you.

Ask Comment : Guest can add the comment if you enable this option.

Minimum Order Amount: After customers can order using a QR code, you can set a minimum amount they must spend in your restaurant.

Outlet Slogan : When placing an order, if you have a slogan or any other comments for the customer, so use can use this option so we can display them here.

Visibility Setting : Here, we can configure the QR code’s visibility (the particular time or day we want to activate the ordering QR code) setting.

Now Click on Save, Now your Qr code is activated for QR code,.

Now You can now download, print, and copy the QR code address by clicking the Generate Qr code button.

If you have any additional comments , so you can add it here.

How to Generate QR (Contactless) for Room Service Order Type

Click on the below link for activating the QR code for Room Service.

Link :

First Activate the contact less ordering from eZee Optimus backoffice.

Copy the link as per the below screenshot and paste it in the Guest portal setting in eZee Optimus.

Select the Room Service type & copy the Link.

Copy the link.

Now In the absolute >> Switch to Back >> Settings>> Guest Portal

If you don’t want give the Guest portal access so we have one alternate solution.

1.We can create one floor for room service.
2. Now we can add all of the Room No to the tables and create all of the Rooms (Tables)Now do the same thing we did for Dine-In (Generate the Qr for room , select the floor room service & generate the QR) and put the Qr in room service.
3..If a guest orders from the Qr, the order will now be placed under the service floor and room.
4. So, when you’re settling, you already know the rooms and may put the amount in the room (PMS)

How to Generate QR (Contactless) for takeaway & Delivery Order Type

Click on the below link for activating the QR code in the Takeaway & Delivery.

Link :

For the Takeaway & delivery First we have to generate the Menu link .

In the takeaway and delivery areas, guests can place the orders & when we received then order will come under takeaway & Delivery order type.

Takeaway guest can place a order on the Reception area using this qr code.

We can use this Qr for delivery for social media & websites for promotional process.

Please follow the listed steps.

  1. Click on contactless Qr ordering & click on “+” icon

2. Now Choose the Menu link option and mark the box if you want takeaway or delivery (If you are going to use for both select the takeaway & delivery Both )

3.Add the Outlet Details

5. After you’ve saved the QR, click on the copy link. Now you may place the QR at the front area so that takeaway customers can check all of the items. 

You may use this QR code or link for marketing Activity for delivery, so guests can see what items are available in the restaurant.

You can download & print the Qr.

How to place & Accept the orders from Qr (Contactless ) Feature

Please click the below link to check how to place the orders & accept the orders.

Link :

If we want to add the restaurant logo in the QR, we can add it.

Switch to back- Setting- Qr code generator- Setting -Add logo

The logo will be displayed in the QR code ordering page.

Do visit on live chat support if you have any further queries for the eZee Optimus.
eZee Optimus Live chat Support

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