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How to change the quantity of an item after the order is placed in eO Rapidserve?

Once the order is placed we can change the item Quantity in Rapid Serve App.

Refer to the below details on how we can change the quantity of the item once we finished the order.

Screenshot 1: Login into the Rapid serve App and go to the Order summary by click on 3 line 

Screenshot 2:
Click on the order.

Screenshot 3:

User Privilege

If the user is unable to change the item quantity or unable to recall the order then we have to give rights to a user from the admin user in Optimus Back.

In the above screenshot, we can see the privileges.

IF you are looking to see the privilege for Edit function then edit the user and below privileges, there is empty space where we can write edit, So all the edit right will show to us and we can select those rights and click on edit.

Note: once we changed in the backed under the user then please ask the user to re-login and try. For Optimus 2.0 also you need to login in Optimus browser.