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Can I make check-in for yesterday after night audit? or How to insert a transaction in past date in eZee Absolute 2.0?

Sometimes front office staff void or cancel backdate transactions, unfortunately, and afterward realize that guest transaction requires to be available in the system. So it’s required to available that type of missing booking or Voided transaction available we have function Insert transaction.

How to access: In order to insert a transaction refer to the below video and steps.

Location: eZee Absolute front >>  Click on ≡ (three lines) >> Front Office >> Insert Transaction >>  Enter the details of the booking  >> Save.

User Privileges: eZee absolute configuration >> User >> Edit User >> privileges >> Front office >> access to insert transation

Path:Login into eZee Absolute >> Click on ≡ (three lines) >> Frontoffice >> Insert Transaction >> Enter preferred details (Arrival/Departure Date, Guest name, Phone/email, Identity and etc as preferred) >> Save.

Screenshot 1: eZee absolute Front Office >> Insert Transaction

Screenshot 2: Fill in the Guest detail in this Insert Transaction window and click the Save button to available this guest record in the past date.