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How to hold/Fire the Item Course Wise in eZee Optimus?

In dining, a course is a specific set of food items that are served together during a meal.

When we take dine in order, we can add order for specific set of course items. Based on guest requirement we can send specific course to the kitchen and rest of course will be hold.

You can fire anytime hold course to the kitchen.

  1. Enable course wise order on dine In from eZee Optimus Backend.

2. Switch to front end and take dine In order Course wise. Here two course orders are taken., 1. Main Course 2. Dessert

3. Click on any item of particular course we want to hold and click on Hold course. So all the items will be put on hold. Here Main course will be hold. Click on Save so rest of course item will be print.

You can bifurcate hold course item with color.

4. Now to send hold course to kitchen, you can click on item again and fire course so items kot will be printed on Kitchen.

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How to give items as complimentary in eZee Optimus?

Basically, complementary item means free item at restaurant. To give Complementary item first we need to create complementary item discount from eZee Optimus backend.

Privilege: eZee Optimus Backend>>Settings>>User>>Front office operation>> Item discount and also enable particular discount type for the user.

  1. Create Complementary item discount , Switch to back and add discount type.

2. Switch to the front end, Take item order, and apply the complementary discount. you can see item price becomes Zero.

You can also see Complementary items reports.

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How to find out the Mac address of a device?

Every device connected to your home network has a unique MAC address. If your computer has multiple network adapters (for example, an Ethernet adapter and a wireless adapter), each adapter has its own MAC address.

You can block or allow service to a specific device if you know its MAC address.

To find your device’s MAC address:

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista:

  1. Click Windows Start or press the Windows key.
  2. In the search box, type cmd.  
  3. Press the Enter key.
    A command window displays.
  4. Type ipconfig /all.
  5. Press Enter.
    A physical address displays for each adapter. The physical address is your device’s MAC address.

Windows 2000, 2003, XP, NT:

  1. Click Start > Run.
    A Run text box appears.
  2. In the Run text box, type cmd.
  3. Press Enter.
    A command prompt displays.
  4. In the command prompt, type ipconfig /all.
  5. Press Enter.
    Under Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection, a Physical Address displays. This is your computer’s Ethernet MAC address.

Macintosh OS X:

  1. Select Apple Icon > System Preferences > Network > Advanced. 
    A network box displays.
  2. Select WiFi. 
    A WiFi Address or Airport Address displays. This is your device’s MAC address.


  1. Launch the terminal
  2. Type fconfig in terminal
  3. Your MAC address is displayed


Select Settings > General > About.
A Wi-Fi Address displays. This is your device’s MAC address.


In most cases, you can follow this procedure to locate your MAC address:

Select Settings > About Device > Status.
A WiFi Address or WiFi MAC Address displays. This is your device’s MAC address.

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How to send a digital receipt via email/SMS in eZee Optimus?

With every successful payment, you can provide customers with a digital receipt (text message or email).

We can customize content based on our requirement.

Enable Digital Receipts:

  1. Switch to eZee Optimus backend and create digital receipt template.

2. Following are Screen shots to add email template and SMS template respectively

3. Go to terminal and add digital receipt configuration

We can also add CC and bcc emails. We can add templates to add with email.

4. Similarly, we can add for SMS

Once this configuration is completed, Upon Transaction SMS/email will be sent to customer.

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How to apply bulk item discount in Optimus?

We can create different discount type.

  1. Item level discount
  2. Bulk item discount
  3. Order level discount

Bulk item discount: We can create a discount to apply on selected items.


  1. Create Bulk item discount in eZee Optimus. Switch to back and follow screens shot.

2. Once discount is created, take item order

3. Select the item or all the item to apply the bulk item discount

4. You can see discount details as per below screen shot.

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How can I check top-selling item in eZee Optimus?

There is report called Sales variable available in eZee Optimus. Through you can see most selling and also least selling item through selected period.


  1. Open Reports and select Sales Variable report. Select variable Menu item

2. Select Range most Qty N Value to see a top-selling item and enter range value to see a number of top-selling item. You can check the same in the report.

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How to add extra fields on sales detail report like guest name, payment method, room no, etc?

We can customize report based on our requirement. You can go to report section and select the report to customise.

Here are the steps given below for Sales details report.

  1. Go to report and select Sales details report.

2. Click on edit and add the column for which data field you want to add in the report. You can also define the name of report.

3. After selecting data field, give a name of header and define width and position to place in center, Right or Left.

4. Once it is defined, you can save the report and find it under customize the report. You can see the Payment type column and data underneath it.

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What are the digital menu and contactless dine-in in eZee Optimus?

Digital Menu: Contact less menus feature QR codes that customers point and scan with their smartphone’s camera, taking them to an online digital menu where they can browse food and drink options. 

Contactless Dine In: Contactless Dining using QR codes helps remove certain interaction that causes direct or indirect human contact and promotes a safer and hygienic dining experience for diners and for restaurant staff as well.


  1. Active contact less and digital menu using QR code

Steps to activate Contact less dining.

  1. Switch back and go to table management

2. Scan the above QR code in the Smartphone camera. it will open a tab like this. Select the table.

3. Start ordering, you can see the Menu. You can add items in Cart and place order.

3. Once order is placed, You will get notification with beep sound on Front end, From there you can accept, Reject the order. You can also block the device for fake order. You can click on view to see device details and ordered item details.

Once you accept the order it will update the status in smart phone as well and you can finalize the bill.

If payment gateway is integrated with eZee Optimus, Guest can pay directly from the same tab by clicking on Finalize bill.

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How to add a table and sort the table in eZee Optimus?

Table: A dining table is a place where families can bond and have their meals together.

Steps to add table:

  1. Switch to eZee Optimus Backend.

2. Open Table management, Select the outlet for you want to add table,

3. Define the floor in which you want to add table.

4. Add the table, Define name of table, Short code for display table in sequence wise, Define the table occupancy, select the floor you want to add the table.

Sorting of table to display sequence wise.

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How to create and edit PO, GRN voucher templates in eZee Optimus?

We can add the voucher template from Back end and edit it based on the requirement.


  1. Switch to back

2. Add voucher templates, Select the type for you want to add voucher template. Give a name to it. All the voucher templates can be added from here. i.e. Purchase order, Goods receipt note, Indent voucher etc

3. You can also edit the voucher based on your requirement from the given setting. You can add the tag from the left side at

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What is the Course and how to use it in eZee Optimus?

Course: A course is a specific set of items that are served together during a meal. For exam Starter, Main Course, Dessert, etc.

Based on the item it will serve, For example, First will be a starter, Then Main Course and lastly, it would be Dessert.

It will be same way printed on KOT.


  1. Switch to back

2. Define courses

3. Activate order by Course from Outlet in Dine In order type.

3. Setup KOT to print item by coursewise

4. Now you can take Course wise order from Dine in Order type.

5. Order will be displayed as below screen shot. Also, it will be same way printed on KOT.

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How to create a tax and Tax group and Assign on Menu items as well as the Store items?


  1. Switch to back in eZee Optimus

2. Open Master>>Add tax name

3. Now add tax group, Tax group is group of multiple tax which we can apply to menu item and Inventory item. here we are taking only tax in Tax Group. Define the name of the tax group and add tax to it.

4. We can add particular tax under tax group, We can enable tax exempt and apply after item discount. Also we can apply tax value in percentage as well as Amount.

5. Once it is defined, Now we can edit the menu item and select the tax group we want to apply on it.

6. We can also apply the tax group on Inventory item for purchase.

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How to set up digital receipt in eZee Optimus?


Setup the Email/SMS Templates. Below is the configuration of the email template.

Click on the edit terminal >> add a device >> Select the connection type of your need. i.e. Send via EMAIL or Send via SMS.

Select suitable receipt templates for each of the order types.


Once the order is settled. The guest will receive the link from which they can view the receipt directly on their devices.

Note: Email id should be added while placing an order to send digital receipt to the guest.

Every digital receipt link has an expiry date.
This date is set based on the configuration which can be found in Settings under general settings named Expire Digital Receipts after days. Here you can set an expiration after 7, 14 or 30 days as per the requirement.

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Is it possible to print Kot/Bills from MAC in eZee Optimus?

Yes, It is possible to print Kot/Bills From MAC.

To Setup the KOT/Bills printing from MAC, We need to install EOP services in MAC.


  1. Check if Java is installed on the Mac Machine.
    1. Open Terminal from Spotlight Search.
    2. Type java -version
    3. If it throws an error then download the JDK from the following URL. Otherwise no need to download.
    5. Double click on the .dmg to install once downloaded.
  1. Download EOP from the following URL.
    2. Save it in a new folder on Desktop or any other folder. DON’T KEEP IT DIRECTLY ON DESKTOP.
    3. After downloading this file, Right click on it and select “Open with Jar launcher”.
    4. It should start successfully.
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How to do the Stock Transfer in eZee Optimus?

The stock transfer is an act of moving goods from one Store department to another Store department.


  1. Select the Store from you want to transfer the inventory to other Store and select Stock transfer as below screen shot

2. Select the date and Store you want to transfer inventory

3. Select the items

4. Enter the Quantity you want to transferred and select the Stock on Hand to see the current available Stock. Once you click on Save. items will be transferred to Receiving store.

5. You can also check the stock of transferred items in receiving store as below screenshot.

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How to add the physical stock in eZee Optimus?

Physical stock: Physical Stock is used for recording the actual stock which is verified or counted, By adding physical stock we can get to know the discrepancy between actual stock and computer stock.

We can also enter Opening stock with adding physical stocks.


  1. Open the Store and click on physical stock in which you want to add physical stock.

2. Select the date and click on add item

3. Select the item

4. Add the verified Quantity and select the Unit, You can also last purchase price as per screen shot. ( This is manual process to add item )

5. You can also Import the items in specific format as per below screen shot.

6. Once it is added, you can click on save and process the same. So item stock will be updated.