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How to Check-out a room in eZee Absolute?

1. Check-out from the Stay View.

Click on  >> Click on Transaction which you want to check-out.

Refer the screenshot provided below :

2. Check Out from the Quick Search.

Click on Quick Search button  from the pane.

Refer the screenshot provide Below :

3. Check Out from Edit Transaction.

click on Edit Transaction >> Scroll down and find Check Out button.

Refer the screenshot provided below :


Note: Checkout is not allowed until all folio(s) are not settled

How to change fonts in KOT/Receipt for the Windows template in eZee Burrp BackOffice 7.0?

eZee Burrp BackOffice >> Tools >> Printing Template >> Windows Printer

How to access?
Kindly follow the below steps

Screenshot 1(Receipt): Select the field on which you want to change the font >> Click on Button (7) >> Select font style >> OK >> Save

Screenshot 2 (KOT) : Select the field on which you want to change the font >> Click on Button (7) >> Select font style >> OK >> Save

Screenshot 2:  Before updating the settings



Screenshot 3:  After updating the settings.



How to update room rate after guest checked in in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

eZee Frondesk >> Open Room / edit transaction >> Rate Information >> Select the tarrif  date >> insert new rate in box >> click “Apply on Selected” or “Apply to full Stay”

How to Access:
Please check below mentioned steps:

Note: If you update rate to 0 then room will count as complimentary

Screenshot 1:

Which priviledges require to authorized PO?

In Purchase Order user can provide privileges to approve or reject Purchase Order.

1) Switch to Back

2) edit outlet in which you want to provide approval purchase order privilege from Other Settings. Refer above screenshot.

3) Once it’s done provide user-level privileges to whom you want to allow approval purchase order privileges.

4) Once provide above privileges to user and outlet levels system allow you to approve or reject PO from eZee Optimus Front.

Does delivery receipt print business source name like Zomato or Swiggy in eZee Optimus?

Yes, in Delivery receipt we can configure business source name to be print on delivery receipt. Follow below mention steps to configure business source name print on delivery receipt.

1) Switch to eZee Optimus back.

2) Add Business Source name from master tab.

3) Check Business Source name “Show” in order type settings from Master >> Outlet.

4) Assign business source name tag in receipt template. While configuring template check option “Suppress when an embedded field has no value” so this same template you can use with Dine, Take away, room service order type.

5) Once you are done with receipt template business source name display on the receipt.


Do we have Physical Stock Taking Report?

Yes we have,

This report provides data for taking physical stock by item category or storage area. It helps a storekeeper to take a print out or export all information which is needed for stock counting.

A report has an option to include Book Stock field.

To get the report go to:  Front Office -> Report -> Stock Report -> Physical Stock Taking

and report looks like this way.


How to perform Day Close operation in eZee Optimus?

In the eZee Optimus POS system, we can perform two-way day close process. 1) Single outlet wise and 2) Multiple Outlet day close at one time. For both the operation it requires privileges and enables day close from eZee Optimus Back. Once Day close operation is enabled from Optimus back for outlet follow below mention steps.

1) Single Outlet day close process.

Click on Single Outlet day close button to proceed with day close for the current outlet you can receive a list of open order items from that order. If all orders are settled then you are redirected to the finish button to complete day close process.

For Single Outlet any open order found by the system then you are not allowed to proceed with complete day close process. For open order, you can perform settle order or void order refer above screenshot.

By click on Void order system notify and received a confirmation to void that open order.

By click on settle button, you can get option the payment method to complete that open order. Select payment method and click Next Button to proceed.

Once all open order settled system allows you to click on the next button and complete day close process.

2) Multiple Outlet day close process. : For multiple Outlet day close process system check the status for unsettled orders and if found any unsettled order it’s not allowed to proceed with day close process so it requires Ready for Day-close status as “Yes” and click on Finish button to complete day close process for multiple outlets. Refer below screenshot.

How to user can approve or reject Purchase Order from eZee Optimus Front?

As per provided privileges from eZee Optimus back base on Outlet and User level system allow to approve or reject purchase Order.

1) Add purchase order from Purchase Order tab from the inventory section.

2) Recall that purchase order by clicking on that Purchase order.

3) Once you recall purchase order you can view “Cancel, Approve, Reject and Save” tab.

4) As per the selected button, you can view purchase order status refer below screenshot.

System show warning message “You do not have access to view this page” even though provide room service privileges.

To post charges from eZee Optimus to eZee Absolute PMS system room service privileges is required and then also system showing warning error message “You do not have access to view this page” it means require to provide Take away privileges as well refer below screenshot.

For this switch to Back and edit user privileges for Take away order along with Room Service because Room service and Take away orders are linked together so both privileges are required to post room charges from eZee Optimus POS system.

My New user not able to take order in Ezee Optimus?

To take order user require privileges and that is provided by an admin user or the user who have Administrator privileges by following below mention steps.

1) Switch to back.

2) click on user edit button available at Settings >> Users >> Edit User and check on Front operations to users and click on Edit button.


How to configure Combo in eZee Optimus POS system?

In eZee Optimus combo item sell is possible by following below mention steps.

For example, I want to sell Burger & French Fry as a combo item with Rate 110 and the individual item sell as Burger with 80 and French Fry with 40

1) Add menu item which you want to sell as combo let’s say I configure menu item Burger and French fry with configure price.

2) Once you add menu item define Modifier group with this both item.

3) Now add combo item with modifier group as we define with the name of “Combo”

4) Once you add this modifier group assign this all 3 items in the menu using menu management.

It will be displayed both individual items as well as combo items.

How to Check-in a room in eZee Absolute?

1. Check-In from the Stayview.

Click on  >> Click on Transaction which you want to check-in.

Refer the screenshot provided below :

2. Check In from the Quick Search.

Click on Quick Search button  from the pane.

Refer the screenshot provide Below :

3. Check In from Edit Transaction.

click on Edit Transaction >> Scroll down and find Check In button.

Refer the screenshot provided below :

How to add expense voucher ( Payout / Paid Out / Misc Sales ) in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

Expense Voucher is nothing but accounts payable.  It will allow you to enter all the expenses that the front office or the cashier does during the day.

Pay Out: Hotel personal expense like newspaper bill, telephone charge
Paid Out Vouchers: Hotel paid out bills on behalf of the guest and added to the guest Invoice like Doctor fees paid, Medicines purchased, Cash against Creditcard
Misc Sales: Hotel get extra income in petty cash like sale of swimming costume, sale scrap of newspapers

eZee Frontdesk >> Back office >> Pay Out / Paid Out Voucher / Misc sale

eZee Frontdesk Configuration >> Configuration>> Extra Charge

Other settings >> Tick mark on payable for pay out / paid out
Other settings >> Tick mark on Receivable for Misc sales

How to Access:
Follow below steps to add expense voucher

1. Pay Out :
Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

2. Paid Out :
Screenshot 3:

Screenshot 4:

2. Misc Sales :
Screenshot 5:

Screenshot 6:
Video: Misc Sales

Screenshot 7:
Daily Payable Vouche :
Payout / Paid Out Voucher
Daily Receivable Voucher : 
Misc Sales

How to add guest message in eZee frontdesk 7.0?

What is Guest Message?
Here you can put any guest related message for a guest

eZee Frontdesk >> Front Office >> Guest Message

How to access:
Please follow below steps to set message

Screesnshot 1:

Screesnshot 2: 
Guest Message Report – Here undelivered message will be displayed

Note: Please make a note that If the guest message has been marked as a delivery, it will not display into guest message report

Screesnshot 3: When you open room, you will find out guest messgae pop up icon to deliver message to the guest


How to apply tax after discount on receipt in eZee Burrp?

Outcome after the making above changes:
Item A: 10 USD

Item B: 5 USD
Total : 15 USD
Discount of item on receipt: 2USD
Net Amount: 15-2 = 13 USD

Now, tax will be applied on 13 USD if you do the settings as shown in the attached screenshot.

eZee POS Back Office >> Configuration >> Outlet Operation >> Edit Outlet >> Miscellaneous >> Discount Type

How to Access:
Please find the below steps to apply discount

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:
eZee Burrp BackOffice >> Outlet >> Item Configuration >> Advance Configuration >> Tax >> Tax Configuration >> Apply after discount >> Apply All >> Save

Screenshot 3: