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How to Unblock the User from Admin User in eZee Absolute or eZee Centrix?

eZee Absolute

If one of the user used the wrong credentials while login in the eZee absolute more than 5 times then user will be get blocked and we can unblock that user from the system generated admin user.

How to access : In order to unblock the user please refer the below detail

Location : eZee absolute configuration >> Click on Property Name > > Blocked User >> Unblock the user.

Screenshot 1 :

Screenshot 2 :

eZee Centrix.

Please login into the eZee Centrix, then from Old Extranet we can unblock the user.

How to access : In order to unblock the user please refer the below detail

Location : eZee Centrix >> Click on Old Extranet > > Click on Welcome User >> Blocked User >> Unblock the user.

Screenshot 1 : Redirect to Old Extranet.

Screenshot 2 :

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[IMPORTANT] Update regarding eZee Absolute Integrations

We are going to roll out a critical security update for our desktop integration services with eZee Absolute. We request you to please contact our support team if you are using any of the below-mentioned integrations.

  • Key card / Door lock
  • MyKad
  • Identity Scanner
  • PBX / PABX
  • Internet Billing / WiFi
  • Fiscal Printers
  • ROP (Royal Oman Police) Interface
  • UAE Ajman Report

You can contact our support team via live chat (recommended) or email.

If you fail to update them, the integrations will stop working from 1st Oct 2020.

We request you to please contact us ASAP and get your integration services updated to avoid any sort of interruption or inconvenience.

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How to add Customer Display System (CDS) App in eZee Optimus?

What is Customer Display System (CDS) App?

Customer Display Setup File for Windows OS:

Customer display can also be setup in an Android tablet. Customer display application is available in the google play store. Here is the link:

The Home Screen (welcome screen) is the main screen of the CDS App in which the welcome message and the slideshow of the welcome screen images will be displayed when there is no order opened in the Optimus App.

Otherwise, the order detail of the currently opened order in the Optimus App will be displayed along with the promotional image if configured.

And finally, the thank you message will be displayed when the current order is settled.


  • Both the devices in which the Optimus App and the CDS App is running must be in the same network.
  • The customer display will only work with the Optimus App.

Step 1: Back Office > Settings > Virtual Device >> Add a new virtual device

Step 2: Add Back Office > Settings > Add Terminal
Note: Only one Customer Display can be configured in a terminal.

Once the user is logged in to the Optimus App, if the selected terminal has any Customer Display device configured then the Optimus App will try to connect the Customer Display System (CDS) App.

If the CDS App is running and is already connected with another terminal, then Optimus App will show connection error otherwise, it’ll get connected.

When the Optimus App will lose connection to CDS App, the Optimus App will retry the connection 3 times and finally show a connection error icon in the header, from where the user can manually retry the connection. Refer to the image below for the same.
When the user logs out of the Optimus App, then the app also disconnects from the CDS App

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How to add Bluetooth Printer in eZee Optimus (Rapid Server App)?

What is Bluetooth Printer?
We can print receipts and orders using a Bluetooth printer connected to our smartphone or tablet and can print Receipts/KOT from RapidServe application.
1. Bluetooth printing will work in Rapid Serve App only
2. This will not work in the web version
3. Currently, Bluetooth printer supported on Android devices only

Paring printer in android mobile or tablet:
1. Turn on your Bluetooth printer.
2. Open the Settings in the android device on your smartphone or tablet.
3. Click on Bluetooth and Turn ON
4. Click on the name of your Bluetooth printer to start the Pairing

Printer Testing
1. Install The eZee Bluetooth Printer Testing App
2. Open App and press the Refresh List option. It will display all paired devices.
3. Click on “Connect Bluetooth Device” to establish a successful connection.
4. Add Your Message and hit the “Send Data Via Bluetooth” Or You can “Print Receipt”

Find MAC address of printer
In respective to configure the Bluetooth printer in a RapidSever app, it needs a MAC address of a Bluetooth device. It can be found from the device test print. You can also find it from the eZee Bluetooth Printer Testing App. in App device name is listing with MAC address. e.g. 00:01:90:85:07:AA is Mac Address for TM-P20_013820 Bluetooth Printer.

How to Access:
Follow steps to configure the Bluetooth printer in optimus.

Step 1: Goto Back office >> Terminal >> Add Terminal

Step 2: Provide a name for the Terminal, Click on + icon to add a device. Select “Bluetooth” in connection type and enter the required details for the printer.

Restart Rapidserve, log out from the application and check printing

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How to configure POS to PMS integration in eZee Optimus?

What is POS to PMS Integration?
POS to PMS is used to post room charge from eZee Optimus (POS) to eZee Absolute (PMS)

eZee Optimus >> Switch to back >> Settings >> 3 bullet points >> Option >> Integration

How to Access:
Please follow below steps to do integration.

Room Posting option will be disabled from order type and it will be available from settlement option only after this integration

Step 1: Active Integration Setting

Step 2: 
Add room posting payment (Master >> Payment >> Add >> name – Room Service >> Payment Method >> Posting >> Add Auth Key >> edit)
Note: Get auth code with below process

Step 3:
Go to Absolute configuration Setting >> Master >> general >> extra charge >> Create Room service as a extra charge

Step 4: Go to Absolute configuration Setting >> Setting >> property >> Tax/account configuration >> POS2PMS Posting

Step 5: Restart Optimus and check settlement >>v”Room Posting”

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How to add Kin information in eZee Frontdesk?

What is the Kin information?
Kin means one’s family or relations/relative information

KIN Information is additional information that hotel collects from guest. In case any casualty is reported for guest staying in hotel, hotel can contact on this number and pass information to them about guest staying in hotel.

How to Access: Open the room and go to geneal information to add KIn details

Add setting for “Kin Information” mandatory for Check-in
In eZee FrontDesk configuration -> Advance Setting -> Rental Option, you will find this setting to make Kin Information mandatory at the time of guest check-in.


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How to send purchase order copy on email to the vendor from eZee Optimus?

eZee Optimus is offering the inventory management and store transaction facility which includes purchases from the vendors, stock receive etc.

While, dealing with vendors the purchase order comes into picture when requesting goods in desired quantity. In today’s world where everything is digital, we are providing the same facility through eZee software. Here the store manager created a purchase order, the very next moment, it will be sent over email to the vendor as well requesting goods. Process will be fast, paperless and smooth.

In order send the purchase orders to the various vendors, There are some one time configuration steps which are important and listed as below.

Path: Configuration and set up will be done from the eZee Optimus back end.

User privileges required: 1. In Back office section access to Account, access to Email/SMS Providers, access to Setting, access to Email/SMS template. 2. In  Configuration section, Access to Back office. 3. In front office section, Access to Purchase order

There are some steps of configuration which are must in order shoot an email to the vendor with Purchase order as below:

Step-1:  SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) should be enable to send the secure emails from the eZee Optimus.

Step-2: Email address of the sender (Hotelier or Managers email address) should be added to the section Email/SMS providers and it should be verified through AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Step-3:Add the Email address of the sender

On Save, It will notify for email verification

Step-4: Email address will be added with Verification status as “Pending”

Step-5: Login to Email account to verify the email address of the sender

Step-6: Click on the link to verify the email address

Step-7: Verification process completed

Step-8: Status updated as “verified”

Step-9: Supplier email address should be added in profile to receive an email

Step-10: Template should be configured for the Purchase order

Step-11: At the store/Outlet level we need to select the verified email address with purchase order template

Step-12: Approval for Purchase order should be check marked

If the above setting is active,Then and then only the Email button will be appear in the PO list from where user can manually send the PO.


Step-1: Go to eZee Optimus inventory management, Create the Purchase order and Save. Select the purchase order by tick mark, click on Email button to shoot an email to the vendor.

Vendor will receive the Purchase order as below.

Please get in touch with us on Live chat support if any of the step is not clear to you. We will be there to help you with our queries.

Thank You.


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How to create vendors in eZee Optimus?

Definition: Vendor management is the process that empowers an organization to take appropriate measures for controlling cost, reducing potential risks related to vendors, ensuring excellent service deliver ability and deriving value from vendors in the long-run. So, that’s where the vendor management system comes in place.

Step by step process will educate on how to add a new vendor to proceed with related operations.

Path: eZee Optimus >> Switch to configuration >> Account .

User privileges required: 1. In Back office section, Access to Account 2. in Configuration section, Access to Back office .

Step-1:  Go to path mentioned above, which is eZee Optimus back office >> Account >> Click on “+” button add a new vendor.

Note: Mandatory fields must need to be filled in order to create a vendor. Other details can be filled up too but they are optional.

Account Name: Enter the Name of the Account for example “Walmart”

Account Holder Name: Enter the name of the concern person of that account.

Opening Balance: In case there is any credit/debit account for the account, Amount can be added.

Manage Credit limit: If restaurants/outlets wants to deal with the vendors on the basis of the credit limit to limit the purchase, this option will be in use. Store manager can raise the purchase order up to that credit limit only. outstanding will require to be clear and then only again credit purchase will be possible.

Supplier : When creating a vendor, This option must be tick marked then only it will be considered as a vendor account and user can select the created vendor for operations.

Pin: Pin code can be set for the vendor credit/debit settlement.

Personal information: Personal information of the vendor is required for the restaurant/outlet’s manager to contact the vendor or to send the purchase order and other details and for ease of communication.

Click on save button and new Vendor will be added to the list and ready to perform store operations.

Feel free to get in touch with us on live chat support if there is problem in creating a vendor.

Thank You.

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How to sort Images for Booking Engine?

For eZee booking engine (Reservation) there are 3 modules available to sort Images.

  • Room type: Which allows arranging all room type images at the same place.
  • Rate type: Which allows arranging all rate plan images &
  • Hotel Images: Which allows arranging all Hotel gallery images from one place by following the below steps.

How to Access: In order to sort the image for all these 3 modules please follow the below video and steps.

Location: eZee Reservation Old extranet >>Masters>>Manage rooms>> sort Images.

Screenshot 1: Switch to Old extranet by following the below screenshot.

Screenshot 2: Master >> Manager Rooms >> Sort Images.

Screenshot 3: Select the module for which you want to perform sort image operation and Use Mouse to Drag and Drop images for sorting.



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How to Sort Room type for Booking Engine?

Sometimes Hotelier requires arranging room type in such a way so that room type listed at the starting of the booking engine page. And based on that increased sale for the particular room type.

How to Access: In order to sorting room type for booking engine follow the below video and steps.

Location: eZee Reservation Old extranet >>Masters>>Manage rooms>> sort Room type.

Screenshot 1: Switch to Old extranet by following the below screenshot.

Screenshot 2: Master >> Manager Rooms >> Sort Room type

  • This option allows the user to sort their rate plans in the order he wants to set.
  • User can click on the up-down arrow to set the order of the rate plans
  • Users can also drag the rate plan and drop it on the desired place and the sorting will be done.
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How to process Travel Agent Commission for Past bookings?

In order to post commission for past booking, which we insert using Insert Transaction, you can still post-commission for them by the below information, even in past booking in which you forgot to update Travel agent or post commission, you can do it.

How to Access: In order to process the Travel agent Commission operation for the past booking please follow the below video and steps.

Location: eZee absolute PMS Stay view>> Cashiering>> Cashiering Center

User Privilege: eZee absolute configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Privileges >> Cashiering >> Access to City Ledger Payment Feature.

Path: From Stay view click on  >> Cashiering >> Select Cashiering Center

Step 1: Click on Cashiering and select the cashiering center option


Step 2: Select Travel agent which you want to post the commission for a past date,  next posting date, and checkmark the option Pending Travel agent Commission to see the past bookings travel agent commission.

Note: “Pending Travel agent Commission” Checkbox will be displayed only when the user selects the Travel agent.


Step 3: Click on the data which you want to post the commission for a travel agent and click on the Post Commission button to post the commission for the reservation



When you need this feature?

Previously, our system allows Travel agent commission posting on checkout only. We don’t have any provision in the system to process TA Commissions for the below cases.

  1. Upon client request, account managers import bookings in past dates and if those are added without travel agents and later users add TA on bookings post-checkout, then commissions are not posted for those bookings.
  2. Clients may forget to add TA while taking bookings and after the guest checks out, this fact comes to their attention, and then they manually add TA, but commissions will not be posted in this case.
  3. Hoteliers are not aware of commission posting when they enroll with PMS. So in some cases after using our system for some days, they realize or upon guiding by our support, they start following the same. But to settle down accounts, sometimes, they request to add commission for past checkout bookings.
  4. Mistakenly front office users voids posted commissions and then requests us to post commission with either the same TA or changed TA.

To solve the above cases, we are introducing this feature to post pending travel agent commission. Which we provided in Cashiering -> Cashiering Center.

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How to hold item and fire item manually in eZee Optimus?

What is Hold Item?
Punch Item in the order and “Hold” them so that they can be sent to the kitchen later.  You can fire item after holding time.

eZee Optimus >> Dine In >> Punch Item >> Hold Item 

How to Access:
In order to create the Happy hours for a particular menu item, Refer the below-mentioned steps for the same:

Step 1: Punch Items and click on item to hold it

Step 2: Hold item will be highlighted

Step 3: Fire Item from order summary

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How to add session and set session rate in eZee optimus?

What is Session, Happy Hours or Cocktail Hours?
POS offers discounts in a period of time or season called Happy hour. It can be unlimited food offers, Combo Offers, Free Drinks, discounted menu items, Weekend Offers etc.

eZee Optimus >> Switch to Back >> Menu >> Session

How to Access:
In order to create the Happy hours for a particular menu item, Refer the below-mentioned steps for the same:

Screenshot 1:  Add Session

Step 2: Add Session rate / price  menu

Step 3: Session price mapping

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How to Freeze item or Item lookup in eZee Optimus?

What is Freeze Item?
You can stop / hold item selling in outlet due to reason like out of stock, outlet closing, special season item etc.

eZee Optimus >> Item Lookup >> Freeze

Step 1: Freeze /Unfreeze Item here

Step 2: Display message on Item punch


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How to assign waiter on the table in eZee Optimus?

What is the use of waiter assigned?
Certain tables are assigned to waiter to POS Outlet.

eZee Optimus >> Dine In >> Waiter Icon >> Select Table and waiter >> assign

eZee Optimus >> Switch to back >> Menu configuration >> Waiter >> Add Waiter

How to create waiter/driver in eZee Optimus?

How to Access:
Follow below step to assign waiter on the table

Step 1:  Assign waiter on the table