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Is it possible to print Kot/Bills from MAC in eZee Optimus?

Yes, It is possible to print Kot/Bills From MAC.

To Setup the KOT/Bills printing from MAC, We need to install EOP services in MAC.


  1. Check if Java is installed on the Mac Machine.
    1. Open Terminal from Spotlight Search.
    2. Type java -version
    3. If it throws an error then download the JDK from the following URL. Otherwise no need to download.
    5. Double click on the .dmg to install once downloaded.
  1. Download EOP from the following URL.
    2. Save it in a new folder on Desktop or any other folder. DON’T KEEP IT DIRECTLY ON DESKTOP.
    3. After downloading this file, Right click on it and select “Open with Jar launcher”.
    4. It should start successfully.
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How to do the Stock Transfer in eZee Optimus?

The stock transfer is an act of moving goods from one Store department to another Store department.


  1. Select the Store from you want to transfer the inventory to other Store and select Stock transfer as below screen shot

2. Select the date and Store you want to transfer inventory

3. Select the items

4. Enter the Quantity you want to transferred and select the Stock on Hand to see the current available Stock. Once you click on Save. items will be transferred to Receiving store.

5. You can also check the stock of transferred items in receiving store as below screenshot.

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How to add the physical stock in eZee Optimus?

Physical stock: Physical Stock is used for recording the actual stock which is verified or counted, By adding physical stock we can get to know the discrepancy between actual stock and computer stock.

We can also enter Opening stock with adding physical stocks.


  1. Open the Store and click on physical stock in which you want to add physical stock.

2. Select the date and click on add item

3. Select the item

4. Add the verified Quantity and select the Unit, You can also last purchase price as per screen shot. ( This is manual process to add item )

5. You can also Import the items in specific format as per below screen shot.

6. Once it is added, you can click on save and process the same. So item stock will be updated.

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How to change rate plan while taking order?

You can setup the multiple Rates with One order type and can be change the rate type from the order taking window.

1 Click On Dollar Sign ($) And you will get the Option of Change Rate Plane.

2 Select the Rate Plan you want.

3 You can also make this active for your whole login session(Till you re-login).

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How to create a Purchase order (PO) and Goods Receipt Note (GRN) in eZee Optimus?

Purchase order (PO): A purchase order (PO) is a commercial document and first official offer issued by a buyer to a seller indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services.

Goods Receipt Note (GRN): The goods receipt note is an internal document produced after inspecting delivery for proof of order receipt. Generally produced by stores team.

Privilege: Switch to Back>>Edit user>> Privilege>> Front office>> Purchase order>>Goods Receipt note

Steps to create PO:

  1. Select the Store from you want to create Purchase order

2. Click on Purchase order

3. Click on (+) sign

4. Select the date and supplier name

5. Add items you want to order from Selected supplier.

6. Once items are added, add the Quantity and price of it and apply the tax (if required), click on Save or Save&Print ( for printing of purchase order voucher)

you can also add extra charge ( Transportation charges ) .

7. Once it is created, there would be an option to approve as it has to be approved. Purchase order approval is the flow of actions required from various stakeholders to validate a PO and bring it into effect.

With an efficient purchase approval process, you can control costs and stock.

you can also send purchase order voucher email to supplier.

8. Once it is done, Now you can receive the goods from the supplier for the given order. It means you can create a Goods receipt note (GRN) of the given Purchase order.

9. You can select the item and Quantity you received against order quantity

10. Enter the Invoice number received from the supplier and you can also make order modifications based on the requirement.

11. Once it is done, it will show you message GRN is created successfully and Stock of ordered items will be added in Store.

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What to do if the printer is not printing?

Steps to check:

Step-1: Check that you have selected the correct terminal while login

Step-2: Check that pop-ups and redirects is “Allow”

Step-3: Clear cache and cookies once and try again

Step-4: Check that EOP Service is working in-tray

Step-5: Check that the printer is not paused

If the printer is paused then unpause it from below step:

Check if Test print is printing from printer properties

If the printer test print is not printing then check with the printer provider.

Step-6: Check that the IP is correct in the terminal for Network Printer

Computer IP from command prompt for USB Printer/Tablet Print

Step-7: Check that firewall is turned off on the computer as well as Antivirus. If still not getting the print, try uninstalling the antivirus and check

Step-8: For USB Printer/Tablet Printing

If the IP is correct and still not getting printed then check once with the network and internet settings in the control panel

Follow this path to perform the steps:
Network and sharing center >> Click on connections type >> Properties >> Double click on internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

If (Use the following IP address) is defined then select (Obtain and IP address automatically) and save it.

Then go to the command prompt type (ipconfig) and press enter note the latest Ipv4 Address IP and Enter it in the terminal.

Step-9: End Task the EOP service and Run as Administrator again

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Printers Setup in Desktop Application (Using Native Printing)

Native printing: You can set up local printer connection with desktop application without connecting to cloud. Please note that this setup will work in only Desktop Application.

Make sure Printer is locally installed in computer.

Setup Process:

Step 1: Login with credentials and switch to back.

2. Click on Setting and edit the terminal you want to setup printer.

3. To setup Kot Printer follow the below steps. Add Printer name in Device name.

4. Follow the same to setup Receipt printer

Once this setup is done, You can start printing KOT and Receipt from eZee Optimus Desktop application.

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How to install the eZee Optimus desktop application?

Desktop application can be downloaded and install on Pc/Tablet. Please follow below steps to download and install the app.

  1. Switch to back

2. Click on windows/Android/ apple icon to download the app on particular device.

Check the download folder and open the downloaded file.

Once you run the file, it will start installing, once it is done you can open it from Desktop.

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How to add an intermediate item and what is manufacturing item?

What is Intermediate Item?
An intermediate item is made with other 2-3  store items. It is made in-store itself by using different inventory ( raw materials ) from the Store.

Example: Added item “Mayonnaise Sauce” which is made with Egg,  Black Salt, Mustard oil, and Sugar Brown. So here we can call it an intermediate item. You can add here only other store items.

Please follow below steps to make intermediate items

  1. Add Intermediate item as per Below SS, Define name and Base measurement unit, Minimum unit should be base measurement unit.

2. Select the Outlet name you want to activate this item in the same and add default Purchase rate ( it is not mandatory as Purchase rate is variable )

3. Add Recipe of Intermediate item.

4. Once it is added, You can switch to Front and you can manufacture Qty and click on Save, Stock will be added into particular outlet/store.

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How to add the room charges manually?

We have a feature in eZee Absolute that we can add the room charges manually to the Booking.
The Scenario is happening when guest checked out early or a day before and we do have to collect all the charges.

To checkout the guest we have to amend the stay of the guest by which the room charges will be remove, So for balancing the room charges with payment we can add the manual room charges.

Like room charges we can also add Cancellation, Day Use, No show, and late checkout charges.

How to access : In order to apply the manual room charges please refer the below video.

Path : eZee Absolute front office >> Edit Transaction guest >> Folio Details >> Room charges >> Room charges >> Enter amount >> Click on Add.

User Privilege : eZee Configuration >> User >> Edit User >> Privileges >> Add Item to open Folio | Add item to close folio | Add item on Audited date.

Screenshot 1 :

Screenshot 2 :

Screenshot 3 :

Screenshot 4 : Like room charges we can also add Cancellation, Day Use, No show, and late checkout charges.

Report : Back Office report >> Daily revenue report

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How to edit user privilege?

We can edit the privileges to the user as per the operations and functions applied to that user.
From Admin user or the user who has the rights to edit the another user then they give the rights.
Only Admin can give all the rights, the other user can give the rights which has it own.

eZee Absolute Edit Privilege.

How to Access : In order to edit the privilege in eZee absolute please refer the below video.

Path : eA Front Office >> Go to Configuration >> User >> Edit User >> Select the privilege and then Save

User Privilege : eZee configuration >> User >> Edit User >> privileges >> access to edit or delete the user.

How to access : refer to the below screenshots respectively.

Screenshot 1 :

Screenshot 2 :

Screenshot 3 :

eZee Centrix Edit Privilege.

How to Access : In order to edit the privilege in eZee Centrix please refer the below video.

Path : eZee rise >> Click on user >> User >> Edit record >> Select the privilege and then Edit

User Privilege : eZee Rise >>user >> click on user >> Edit record >> privileges >> access to edit or delete the user.

How to access : refer to the below screenshots respectively.

Screenshot 1 :

Screenshot 2 :

Screenshot 3 :

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How to create users in eZee Absolute?

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How to void payment/receipt in eA?

The scenario occurred when some time we received the payment from the guest after that guest cancelled the booking, Some time the booking get settled in City ledger auto but due to cancellation that amount is showing in booking so we can void / delete the payment of the guests.

How to access : In order to void the payment/receipt from the guest please refer the below videos.

Void payment at folio : We can void the payment at Folio.

Void Payment at Night Audit : If we have unsettled folio in night audit we can also void the payment at night Audit.

Void Payment at Cashiering center : We can also void the payment at cashiering center

User Privileges : eZee Configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Privileges >> Void item on open date & void item on Audited date

How to access : login in eZee Front office and refer to the below screenshots.

Screenshot 1 : Edit Transaction >> Folio Detail

Screenshot 2 :

Screenshot 3 :

Report : Report >> Audit report >> Void Payment report.

The report is pulling out as per the system date means on the calendar date the payment get voided.

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How to get In-House guest detail report ?

Some time hotelier wants to know that how much guests are staying in Hotel today or for a particular dates then we can take out a report for Inhouse guest details.

How to access : In order to get the in-house guests detail refer to the below video

Path : eZee Front Office >> Report >> Front office Report >> Guest List report.

User Privilges : eZee Configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Report >> Guest list report.

How to access : login in eZee Front office and refer to the below screenshots.

Screenshot 1 :

Screenshot 2:

Report : We can refer the Guest list report to take the In-House guests detail

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Remarks and their reflection in eZee Absolute and Centrix.

Remarks are used in the hotel for Notice or instruction to the guest,front office ( Hotel Staff ) and for other purposes.

Below are the remarks we can use in the system as per their reflection.

How to add a Remark.

eZee Absolute :

  • @Edit Transaction

Refer to the below screenshot for how to add a remark in Edit Transaction

  • @Walkin-Reservation Screen

Refer to the below screenshot for how to add a remark at Walkin – Reservation screen.

eZee Centrix :

Refer to the below screenshot for how to add a remark at eZee Centrix

Path : Go to bookings >> View reservation >> Remark >> Add remark


Remarks is like Notice or information or message which we have to access / see / show on the booking, With the help of remark we can save the message / actions / operations for the guest / staff / hotelier.

There are various type of remarks we have in eZee Absolute or Centrix.

Below are the remarks and information.

  • POS notes : The remark will show on the optimus at room service
  • Package : it is showing in reservation activity report as Sepcial also showing in print reservation voucher
  • Promotion : the remark will show under promotion in print reservation voucher
  • Check-in : this remark also showing on arrival report.
  • Guest folio : this remark will show on invoice.
  • Reservation : this remark will show on arrival list as well as on GR card.
  • House keeping : this remark will show on housekeeping module and arrival list.

The below remarks are we can use and we can see them in Arrival List Report.In Arrival list we can also see all the remarks or the selected records.

Checkout :
Internal Note :
Important Info :
Special note for Guest :
Payment Note :

Also we can export the remark from the booking in Excel sheet as eZee Centrix.

Refer to the below path.

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How to transfer balance to a folio?

We have an feature in eZee Absolute that we can transfer the balance to the another folio / room.

This is need when two guest are staying in our hotel and only will be paid the bill so in that scenario we can move the balance of the source guest to destination guest ( Who will pay whole balance ).

How to Access : In order to transfer the balance of the please refer to the below steps given in detailed.

Path : Edit transaction >> Folio Detail >> Transfer >> Balance Transfer >> Add >> Click on Select (Destination Folio)

Screenshot 1 : Click on the guest >> Edit Tramsaction

Screenshot 2 : Folio detail >> Transfer >> Balance Transfer >> Add

Screenshot 3 : If the folio is showing click on Select else we can search the folio as per the given search criteria.

Screenshot 4 : Once balance Transferred we will get success message

Report : We can refer the Audit Trail report without select any option so we can see the details at Operation : Balance Transfer

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Pop up: eZee FrontDesk has stopped working.

Pop-up Message:

Solution: Please check the below-highlighted files are there in property’s machine(eZee path) or not, if not, copy from your end and place it on property’s computer.

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How to add eZee application exception in windows firewall and eZee Burrp lite application?

Control Panel >> Windows Firewall.

Screenshot 1: Click on Allow an App or Feature through Windows Firewall.

Screenshot 2: Click On allow another app

Screenshot 3: Click On Browse and go the eZee application Path.

Screenshot 4: Select the eZee application which is being use by the client like, eZeeFD, eZee Burrp, eZee FDC, eZee Nextgen service, eZee KDS, eZee Burrp LiteService etc.

Screenshot 5: Now to Microsoft SQL Server Path C:\Program Files (x86)\MicrosoftSQLServer\90\Shared and add the sqlbrowser file in exceptional.

Screenshot 6: Now to Microsoft SQL Server Path C:\Program Files (x86)\MicrosoftSQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Binn and add sqlservr file.

After adding the exception for Burrp lite and still the user is not able to access burrp lite application on tablet/mobile kindly add the BurrpLite port in Windows Firewall advance setting Inbound and outboundforTCP/UDP.

Screenshot 7: Step 1 click on the Advance setting from windows Firewall.

Screenshot 8: Step 2 Click on Inbound and click on New Rule.(You can get the eZee Burrp Lite Port fromthe eZee Burrp Lite service.

Screenshot 9:

Follow the Same steps for UPD port as well, Should create the same rulefor Outbound of TCP/UDP port for Burrp lite. 

Follow all the steps and check the application on the client machine, if you still get the client-server connection message on the client machine please add eZee application files and services in the firewall. On a client machine, you do not need to add the SQL files.

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Error – Could not allocate space for object “dmo.pmstableupdate”



Run the below tool on server machine, it will remove unwanted data.

Tool Link:

Steps to run the tool:
1) Go to the server machine (If the server/ Client environment).
2) Take the database backup first.
3) Stop/ Close all the eZee applications.
4) Download and run the Tool in C:\Program Files\eZee\eZee FrontDesk NextGen 7.0.
5) Check the eZee application and make sure all go well.

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How to Unblock the User from Admin User in eZee Absolute or eZee Centrix?

eZee Absolute

If one of the user used the wrong credentials while login in the eZee absolute more than 5 times then user will be get blocked and we can unblock that user from the system generated admin user.

How to access : In order to unblock the user please refer the below detail

Location : eZee absolute configuration >> Click on Property Name > > Blocked User >> Unblock the user.

Screenshot 1 :

Screenshot 2 :

eZee Centrix.

Please login into the eZee Centrix, then from Old Extranet we can unblock the user.

How to access : In order to unblock the user please refer the below detail

Location : eZee Centrix >> Click on Old Extranet > > Click on Welcome User >> Blocked User >> Unblock the user.

Screenshot 1 : Redirect to Old Extranet.

Screenshot 2 :

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[IMPORTANT] Update regarding eZee Absolute Integrations

We are going to roll out a critical security update for our desktop integration services with eZee Absolute. We request you to please contact our support team if you are using any of the below-mentioned integrations.

  • Key card / Door lock
  • MyKad
  • Identity Scanner
  • PBX / PABX
  • Internet Billing / WiFi
  • Fiscal Printers
  • ROP (Royal Oman Police) Interface
  • UAE Ajman Report

You can contact our support team via live chat (recommended) or email.

If you fail to update them, the integrations will stop working from 1st Oct 2020.

We request you to please contact us ASAP and get your integration services updated to avoid any sort of interruption or inconvenience.