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How to create Multiple Units for Store item in eZee POS BackOffice?

Please follow below steps and GIFs.

1) Select your Desired store you want to create an item in.
2) Go to Store Items >> New Store Item
3) Enter require information (Name, Unit, Item Category)
4) Activate item in Desired stores by select store and clicking on Active Button.
5) Go to Unit Tab >> Click on “New”
6) Select your desired UNIT from list.
7) Put Conversion Factor. (Example:  1 Litter = 1000 ML) If you are NOT sure about conversion factor please follow this link (
8) Save New Unit tab.
5) Save Add new item.  That’s all.

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How can I configure items in KG, as we purchase in Boxes and it is sold loose in “shot” or How to add multiple units for store items in eZee Burrp?

What is Store Item Units?
When we purchase store inventory items in bulk, we are deals items with many units.

Note: This is possible when you purchase by BOX and sell by KG/Grams.
Example: Apples

eZee Burrp Backoffice >> Select “Store”  >> New/Edit Store Item >> Define item name >> Define KG as base unit >> Set another “Unit” and set conversion factor as 1 BOX = 10 KG as so on. (Refer below screenshot)

Define base unit of an item

Define Secondary Unit

i.e; 1 BOX = 10 KGs

Here, we are done with configuring item with 2 different Units.

Now, will set the inventory consumption of the menu item.

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Is it possible to use one single card for door lock as well as for loyalty?

we do have an interface of Keycard Door lock in eZee Burrp as well if you want to use one single card for the door lock as well as for loyalty.

USE: There are such key cards available in the market which you can use for a door lock to unlock the door as well as same can be used as loyalty cards.

When guest check In, first we need to generate a key with the help of the encoder in order to unlock the room and then you can swipe the same card from loyalty card module so that it can fetch the guest details in the loyalty card module which can be useful for the guest during the entire stay in the hotel. guest can go cashless for the entire stay and use the paid amenities of the hotel as well as can have the food from the restaurant.

Once you set up the doorlock here then you just once need to swipe the card from POS back office in order to fetch the guest details in loyalty card module as below.

Feel free to contact us on live chat support if you have any further queries on the same.

Thank You.

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How to give discount through cityledger account on receipt in ezee burrp?

Please refer following steps

Step 1 :
Create or update City Ledger Account with Discount Percentage & Check Mark Crate Business Source

Step 2 :

 Open eZee Burrp >> Punch one order >> Make Settlement  with Posting City Ledger account so it will show pop-up with Apply  discount or not.

Step 3 :

Once you click on yes it will apply discount and show that discount amount in Report

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Line Printer template Preview

Path : C:\Program Files (x86)\eZee\eZee FrontDesk NextGen\ezee.ini

Once you reach on this path, open ezee.inin file and search for “PV_X” option. (Make sure that you have selected Line Printer template for KOT)
By default, you will see “PV_X=False”, change condition to “PV_X=True”. Save ezee.ini file.

Further, Take one order and go to eZee Application path. Search for “KOT_FILE.txt” file. To check the preview of KOT, open this KOT file.

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Transferring KOT to different table

eZee Burrp >> Finish the order once >> Open table again >> Select KOT transfer option >> Select on which table you want to transfer KOT & finish.

If you want to transfer Items rather than KOT, so you can select Item transfer instead of KOT, from Above Path.

Also, you can change KOT/Item to different Room, so for that, you have to select option “Change Room” from above path & transfer the same KOT/Item.

We can also see transfer option from POS table view wizards, Select Table transfer option for that.

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How to make Receipt/KOT template?

For template making, eZee POS back office >> Tools Tab >> Select Line/ Windows type printer, from that we can make customise template as per requirement Receipt/ KOT template.

Windows Printer:

Line Printer:

After Selecting Template, eZee Burrp >> Settings >> Peripherals >> Select Receipt/ KOT Printer, and select same template from here for printing Receipt/ KOT.

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Configuration of Thank you email in iFeedback !!

Below are the steps to send Thank you email to guest once, they submit the survey.

1)  Create Thank You email template.   

2)  Once template created, we will assign this template to individual survey.   Edit your survey go to Settings.

3)  And assign your Thank you email template.

Thats it.   Once you follow above steps, when guest completes the feedback form, system will send an email to guest.

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What is iFeedback and systerm requirement?

eZee iFeedback is customer feedback Management system through which you can effectively collect reviews, Opinion or any Data that is important so using iFeedback you can create Surveys, and Reviews through multiple sources like, Tablet Surveys, website Surveys, Smartphones surveys, Hotel and Restaurant App, Touchscreen Kiosks etc.You can customize the surveys and questions according to your own organization type and Mgt. Style.eZee iFeedback is interfaced with eZee FD and eZee Burrp! The PMS & POS from eZee.

Product Platform Database Language
eZee iFeedback  Linux  MySQL  PHP, JavaScript  System English, Survey Multi-Lingual
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How i can run multiple outlets with iMenu?

iMenu application will run only one outlet at a time. If we want to run iMenu application with multiple outlet, have to purchase multiple iMenu account and will integrate with single iMenu monitor.

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Can I print KOT/Receipts from iMenu backend?

You will be able to print receipts (no KOT) from iMenu backend if you have not activated the interface with eZee POS Burrp. Once you activate the interface and enable touch POS (POS connectivity) in iMenu app on the tablet, receipt will stop printing from iMenu back end and start printing on eZee BurrP!