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Include Extras in ADR & RevPar

Initially, there were some discrepancies with ADR and RevPar calculations. To solve these issues we are introducing a new setting – Include Extras in Average Daily Rate & RevPar.

To see that, please go to: eZee Absolute Configuration -> Settings -> Formula

Note: If the property has opted for only RES/CHANNEL account, then the same setting will be available on below path,

eZee Reservation -> Settings -> Formula

Based on the above setting, the value of ADR & RevPar will be reflected across all products.

Note: By default, this setting would be unchecked.

Introducing NetLocks on Night Audit

Currently, there is no net lock facility for Night audit operation. Because of this, whenever multiple users attempt to perform the night audit at the same time, the property’s working date is changed twice and crossed system’s date. 

To overcome this issue we are introducing net locks for night audit operations. When one user is performing the night audit then another user will not be able to attempt night audit operation. 

If another user tries to perform Night Audit, then the following message will be displayed.

1.  If you close the night audit window or the night audit process is completed, then the netlock will be released automatically.
2. The user who has initiated the Night Audit process can only release the netlock.

Unable to Change Reservation Type to Hold Confirm/Unconfirm Booking

Currently, we are not giving provision to change Reservation Type from Confirm Booking or Inquiry to Hold Confirm Booking and Hold Unconfirmed Booking.

Now, we have enhanced this feature to set either Hold Confirm Booking and Hold Unconfirmed Booking.

eZee Absolute Front Office :

In eZee Absolute Front Office, from Reservation List -> Change Res Type or Edit Tran -> Edit Other Information, we can now select Hold Confirm Booking and Hold Unconfirmed Booking option from the list.


Upon selecting the option, Release Hold Booking pop up will be displayed. Here you can insert or update hold booking information as shown in the screenshot below.

In the case of Group Booking, the following popup will be displayed. Here you can change Reservation Type only for group owner or for the entire group.

Extranet :

Now we can select Hold Reservation option for all sources (PMS, Booking Engine).

When you select Hold Reservation option, Configure auto-release setting option will be displayed. After checking the option, we can set the Hold Booking Information.



Introducing new Privilege – Cancel OTA Booking

Currently, users who are assigned with Cancel Reservation privilege can cancel all reservations including OTA reservations.

Now, we are going to add one more privilege to Cancel OTA Booking (which by default will be set for all users). Admin can revoke privileges for any users from Configuration ->User->Edit User

List of affected screens are
1. StayviewIf users don’t have the access, then the following message will be displayed:

2. Reservation List

3. Quick Search

4. Edit Group

5. Unassign Room Pop up

6. Night Audit

7. Group cancel reservation

Display Guests Arrival time / Departure time and VIP status

Based on the request of a few clients, we are now highlighting arrival time, departure time and VIP status of guests for daily arrivals/departures. With this information, the front office operator can arrange the rooms’ availability, welcome drink or any other preference/inclusions that is included in the stay.​

​You can see how the information will appear in the following image: ​

1. Front Office Left Panel​

2. Arrival List

3. Departure List​

Zeamster Payment Gateway- Copy CC details

Currently, hotels using Zeamster had to manually feed CC details in the Payment Gateway to process the payment. We will now provide a new feature to auto copy the guest CC details saved in the system.

POS Summary in CRS Manager Report

We have added the POS summary and the POS Payment summary section, in the CRS Manager report similar to one in Manager Report.

Below is the attached screenshot for the same.



New Integration – Topaz Signpad Interface

We have a new integration – Topaz Signpad Interface in PMS.

Following two models are supported as of now :
1) T-S460-HSB-R

Please follow these steps to proceed with the signature scanning process.

In the Edit Transaction screen, Click on Add Signature option.

Once you sign on the sign pad, it gets rendered in the Signature Image field as shown in the above image. Now click on Done button.
To save this signature in the guest profile,  click on the Save Signature button.
To delete a saved signature click on Delete Signature button.
To clear signpad canvas, click on the Clear button.

Enhancement in Statistics – By Room Type Report

Previously, we were having Statistics – By room type report with limited filters and data representation in the pie chart only. Now, we are adding a few more filters and data representation in a stacked bar chart and bar chart.

We can fetch this report Room Type Wise or Total Wise using By filter. Also, we have added Total Room Sold option in  Show dropdown which will work according to settings configured in Absolute Configuration -> Settings -> Formula Screen.

For example, 

1)  If you select Occupancy% from Show list and Room type from By list as shown in the below screenshot. 

=> As per the above selection you will get a stacked chart showing occupancies for every room type.

2) If you select Occupancy% from Show list and Total type from By list as shown in below screenshot.

=> As per the above selection you will get a bar chart depicting total Occupancies in the selected date range.


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New Cashiering Center

Currently, to manage credit and debit for city ledger and travel agents in hotels, we have two screens in the system – City Ledger Payments and Cashiering Center respectively. Now, we have combined both these screens and their functionalities, and come up with a New Cashiering Center.

Note: After this release, the old Cashiering Center screen and City Ledger Payment screen will not be accessible.

You can access it from eZee Absolute Front Office -> Cashiering -> Cashiering Center.

Here, you can search all the transactions done for city ledgers and travel agents. You can filter the list with Posting date, Receipt No., Mapping, Void.

While adding the new payment for a city ledger,  you can also map payment with respective folios. Now, you can also map the payment with incidental invoices. You’ll even be able to add the payment for the amount paid to travel agent.

By clicking on the individual payment records, you get a list of various operations you can perform like; Void, Map Payment and Print Receipt.

Map Payment” screen which is used for mapping payments for city ledger payments has also been enhanced by introducing more filters along with adding incidental invoice mappings.

You can now search by Folio No./Vou No./Res No./Inv No., Booking, arrival and departure date along with Payment Posting date.

Qwikcilver – Gift Card and Loyalty Card Integration

What is Qwikcilver?

QwikCilver is an online platform that allows a user to send and receive rewards and e-gift cards.

We have integrated two solutions provided by qwikcilver which are Gift Card and Loyalty Card.

How does it work?

In the process to activate this interface, one can activate common Interface layer for the property if not activated.

Once common interface activated, you will be able to see Qwikcilver option in the drop-down from eZee Absolute configuration-> Settings-> Interface settings.  You can configure its relevant settings from here.

Note: Do not forget to select Redeem Discount type from the drop-down as it will be used at a time of redeeming a gift card or loyalty card for a particular transaction.

Generate Gift Card/ Loyalty Card =>

Gift Card/ Loyalty Card can be generated upon checkout. You have to click on the “Ok” button then the system will ask you for an amount in case of Gift Card generation. Fill Amount and click on “ok”

If you want to generate Gift Card/ Loyalty Card of already checked out a transaction, then you can do it from edit transaction->folio detail-> more option. We have given option namely issue Gift Card/ Loyalty Card.

Once Gift card generated, You will be notified with Gift Card/ Loyalty Card details.

Redeem Gift Card/ Loyalty Card ==>

A user can map gift card at a time of taking reservation from Walkin-> Guest Information-> Use Qwikcilver.

You can check card availability based on three things along with Card PIN.

  1. Card number
  2. Email id
  3. Mobile Number

Click on Save button to map a validated card with the transaction.

Click on Redeem Gift Card/ Loyalty Card from Edit transaction-> Folio Detail-> More.

After clicking on redeem button redemption amount will be posted on the folio.

If you have mapped Loyalty card with the transaction then upon checkout Loyalty point will be added to loyalty card.


Wifi Integration for Xpossible and Kiwire Internet Management

eZee WiFi is a desktop application which is the intermediate service between eA and Third-Party Wifi System. 

We have integrated two WiFi interface namely Xpossible and Kiwi Internet Management.

The system will send guest detail on a different operation like; check-in, checkout, room move and update guest details to WiFi based on configured settings.

Let’s have a look at how it works,

Configure WiFi details from configuration panel, Settings->Other->Wifi Integration


set WiFi data extension for all rooms.

We are showing success or failure response in audit trails as shown below.



eZee Absolute / eZee Reservation : Travel Agent Policy

We have a provision to configure a policy at the hotel level. Now we came across one customization request/business demands where Travel Agents can set their own cancellation and booking policy.

A hotel can Configure Travel Agent Policy Details from eZee Reservation->Masters->Travel Agent Modules or can Configure From eZee Absolute Front Panel-> Cashiering -> Travel Agent Database Module as well.

Please refer the below screenshot for configuring travel agent policy:

eZee Reservation->Masters ->Travel Agent Module

eZee Absolute Front Panel-> Cashiering -> Travel Agent Database


This is an optional part for hoteliers.

Also, now bookings which come through Travel Agents and if hotelier has set the policy for that Travel agent then in all Booking Voucher Travel Agent policy will be sent . In case, policy is not set then the hotel level Cancellation and Booking policy will be sent in a voucher.

NOTE: How to configure/use this option at the voucher level. Please contact your account manager for this.

Preview Email Template

Currently, hoteliers are able to see only an email template while taking walk-in in eZee Absolute front office. But post this feature release, they will be able to see the entire email template filled with the actual data (Guest name, room details, inclusion details, transport details, rate information and many more).

Technically, we will replace all possible variables (one which we display within curly brackets) with its values like “{hotelname}” will be replaced with “Hotel Dreamland”, {useremail} will be replaced with “” and so on.

Note: Information like reservation number, door code, etc which we generate while taking reservations will not be available in preview.

Please check below screenshots, this way we can generate a preview of an email template.

1) Open walk-in popup and click on “Booking Voucher”. The system will open send email popup where we have introduced another button with the name “Preview Template” besides “Save” button. Click on “Preview Template” button.

2) The system will open preview.

Note: Guest and hotel information used in these screenshots and descriptions are fiction.

Print Templates Without Flash in eZee Absolute

As we know that Flash will be shut down in 2020. In eZee Absolute, we use third-party tool “Stimulsoft” for printing Invoices/ receipts/ gr cards with the use of Flash. So to overcome this situation, we are starting to remove flash and now printing invoices/receipts/gr cards will be done with the use of Stimulsoft JSON version.

Currently, we have the following items which require to convert Flash to JSON based,

  1. Folio Templates
    • Folio details templates
    • Folio summarized templates
    • Group folio templates
    • Group folio pro forma templates
  2. GR Card Templates
  3. Payment receipts templates
  4. Incidental invoice templates
  5. Expense voucher template
  6. Police inquiry form template

In the below path, we have all the details about the template which we use in eZee Absolute.

eZee Absolute Configuration -> Settings -> General -> Print & Email Settings

There are 80+ Templates available in eZee Absolute which require to convert Flash to JSON based. So, we start converting step by step. 

In the first step, we convert below templates,

  • Incidental Invoice Templates
  • Expense Voucher Template

Note: We are changing the only view of the print. There is no change in the data.

Enhancement in Guest List Report for Indian Properties

In the existing Guest List report, we have provided a new filter option for all Indian properties as shown in the below screenshot.

NOTE: Filter will be displayed for Indian properties only.

1) Stay Date 
This report will work as it was working previously if Stay Date is selected. Below is the attached screenshot when Stay Date is selected.

2) Departure Date
Data will be sent to the email address entered in the text-box based on the Departure date range (max 90 days ). By default, an email will be sent to a registered hotelier email address.

Below is the attached screenshot when the Departure Date option is selected.

Format of the report when departure date filter is selected.


Advanced Security: Prevent System Access Instantly

We have introduced advanced security mechanism in eZee Absolute Front Office and configuration panel. This will power hoteliers to control all devices and user activity in no time. Moreover, the hotelier will be able to keep an eye on devices and users as well.

Access control will restrict user when;

  1. User deactivated
  2. User’s password change
  3. User deleted
  4. Admin/Manager/Hotelier who is having access to Device and User Activity, revoke access from a user of the device.

Below screenshot shows from where user activate/deactivate, change password, delete operation can be performed.

If the hotelier performs delete or deactivate operation, a prompt box will appear and by clicking on the OK button user will be logged out from the system.

Same way, when the user’s password is changed, the system will display below the message box.

Control user from Device and User Activity page

  1. If the admin chooses to deactivate a particular user from a particular device then a prompt box will appear and by clicking on the OK button, a user will be logged out from the system.
  2. If the admin chooses to deactivate a particular device then, all the sessions created on that particular device will be prompted to logout by our system (device is the browser).


New SMS Request For Chain Property

Purpose : 

Now, some customers want to get daily SMS to show the room occupied, occupancy, total room revenue, other revenue, the average room rate for all property which is in the chain. It is a similar hotel level SMS feature but it can show the data for overall chain property. So, according to the customer’s need, we have developed that feature for chain property.

So, now customers can set this using below notification settings.


Note: Always enable this setting for that property only who will do the NIGHT AUDIT process after the Rest of the properties completed the NIGHT AUDIT process in the chain. Then only you can have accurate data for that particular selected date.

Consolidate Manager Report For CRS Accounts

We are introducing a new report  ‘CRS Manager Report‘ for CRS Account . This report is the extension of Manager Report in which data of all properties in the chain will be displayed in a single report. We have provided this report in the Export functionality only.

This report will be sent in the attachment to an email address mentioned in the field as shown in the above screenshot.

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Credit Card Center

Now you can perform all credit card operations from one centralised location, where you can verify credit card, charge the card, authorize, capture, extend/repeat the sale, refund and perform many more operations in bulk with less affords. Note: You can access this center only if you have configured either Secure Trading PMS or EzyWay PMS Payment Gateway in eZee Absolute Configuration -> Settings -> General -> Display Setting page as well as needful credentials in eZee Absolute Configuration -> Settings -> Other -> Payment Gateway Settings page.

eZee Absolute Front Office:
You can access this center from Cashiering menu. Please see the below screenshot:

You can see the reserved booking as well as an in-house booking on the list which is unsettled and valid for any kind of credit card-related operations. Please see the below screenshot:

You can also search checked-out, canceled, and no-showed bookings by selecting this status in booking status filter. You can also search for the booking of different dates like booking date, arrival date, and departure date. You can quickly search for any bookings by Guest, Res#, Vouc#, Room Type, Room, Folio No, Bill No, Last 4 Digits of CC No., Group code too.
From the booking list, you can filter the booking through verified and unverified credit cards too. You can verify the credit card on each individual booking and well as in bulk on the multiple bookings as well. It allows you to collect payment from the guest by eCollect payment feature. Also, you’ll be able to track all the operations regarding credit cards performed from this screen by Audit trail option. Please see the below screenshot:

This is all about the general operations. Now, we will show you how you can charge the card, authorize the amount, capture, and many more operations too. Please see the below screenshot:

Here you can see the screen which will be opened by clicking the “Process” button. This screen will show you 3 tabs: Credit cards, Authorized and Payments.
1. Credit Cards:
In this tab, you can see folio list of selected booking having credit card details exist. With the credit card details, you can directly charge the card, authorize the amount and store the card details for future purpose. For each operation, the system provides you the flexibility to perform operations with percentage and fixed amount.
Card Charge:
You can perform it on a percentage of the balance due, either fully by 100% and partially by any % as well as with fixed amount too.
Same as for card charge, but on the authorized limit amount. Let’s say folio’s due amount is 500$ and previously you had authorized 100$. That means 400$ is still valid for authorization. You can proceed with the operation by a percentage of this auth limit for an authorization operation.
Store Card:
Same as authorization.

If you click on card charge, the system will ask the amount selection. Please see the below screenshot:

Now, we will see the looks and purpose of an authorized tab. Please see the below screenshot:

2. Authorized :
In this tab, you can see all performed authorization, stored card, captured authorization, and voided authorization. By default, you can see only the authorization and store card only. By status filter, you can see others too. Here you can perform Capture and Auth reversal operation.
You can fully capture the authorized amount or partial also by the percentage and fixed amount option same as seen above.
Auth Reversal:
You can void the authorized this will helps you to release the unwanted authorization.

Now, we will see the looks and purpose of payment tab. Please see the below screenshot:

3. Payments:
In this tab, you can see all payments like direct card charge payments, captured payments, refunded payments, extended or repeated payments as well as voided payments too. By the default, you can see all these payments except the voided one. However, by the status filter, you can see voided payments too. Here you can perform a refund, extend/repeat sale and void operation on any payments. On the other hand, you can’t perform refund on the refunded payment itself. Also, please keep this point in your mind that all operation will be performed on paid amount only either in percentage or with fixed.

eZee Rise (New Extranet):
You can access this credit card center from eZee’s distribution extranet as well. Please see the below screenshot:

If PMS is not enrolled, then the system will allow you to configure payment gateways for the Credit Card Center in the setting page.

City Ledger Credit Limit

Now you can set credit limit on city ledger account. This limit will help you control the City Ledger Transfer beyond the credit limit. For this, you have to assign privilege “Allow to post Cityledger transfer over Credit Limit” to your front office users. With this, a user who has this privilege, that particular user will be able to perform the Cityledger Transfer beyond the defined credit limit on that city ledger account. The system will not allow City Ledger Transfer to the user if he/she doesn’t have this privilege.

Let’s see all this in more detail. For this, we will have to set the credit limit on city ledger account as the first step. When we are talking about city ledger, we have to consider room owner, travel agent, and company accounts in the city ledger.

Let’s see how you can set the limit.

eZee Absolute Configuration:

The system will allow you to set a credit limit on a room owner account from Rooms -> Room Owner module. Please see the below screenshot to set a credit limit for any existing room owner – “Edit Room Owner” window:

You can set the credit limit for a new room owner as well in a similar way.

eZee Absolute Front Office:

The system will allow you to set a credit limit on the travel agent as well as on company account in the same way as that of a room owner.

Let’s see for a travel agent. From  Cashiering -> Travel Agent Database. Please see below screenshot to set the credit limit for an existing travel agent:

Also, you can set the credit limit for a new travel agent in the same way. Now let’s see for the company. From Cashiering -> Company Database. Please see below screenshot to set a credit limit for the existing company:

You can set the credit limit for a new company as well. Now we will see how this credit will help you manage the city ledger exchange. We will take the example of a company We have set a £15000 credit limit as shown in the above screenshot. Let’s check the balance of this company. For that, we will refer to the Cashiering Center screen. Please see below screenshot:

Balance is £7000. Now we’ll try to do city ledger exchange of £10000 on one booking from Edit Transaction -> Folio Detail tab. We’re trying to perform city ledger exchange over its credit limit by £2000 (£7000 is a current balance, adding £10000 will make it £17000. Credit limit is £15000). Please see below screenshot:

Here, the user has “Allow to post Cityledger transfer over Credit Limit” privilege, that’s why the system is confirming with a user before posting. If he/she will click on OK, the system will perform the city ledger exchange. If you click on Cancel, the system will not move ahead to perform the further process.

Now let’s see what system will do if the user does not have this privilege to post city ledger transfer over the credit limit.

Please see the screenshot below where a user is trying to perform this operation but the access has been denied.

This is all about how this feature will work. In a similar way, all of this will be managed from the dashboard, edit group for group payment and from POS (Incidental Invoice) while performing the city ledger exchange.

Activate Past Cancel & No-Show Bookings in eZee Absolute

Till now, it was unable to reactivate past canceled and no show bookings. You were able to undo cancel and no show for current and future transactions but once night audit is performed and booking is passed, it was impossible to reactivate it.

However, with this enhancement, a user can activate past cancel and no show bookings. This can be useful especially in the case when the cancel and no show is performed by mistake. With this feature, you’ll be able to activate existing transaction with new stay dates, new room type, and room.

You can activate from the reservation list and quick search. Find the screenshot for a reference.

When you click on activate booking, it will ask you to select the stay information.


And once you activate, your booking will be activated and you can find the information in the audit trail.


Group Payment Distribution From Walk-in And Insert Transaction

Now, you can distribute the payment in a group booking among each room from walk-in and insert transaction screen. Previously, when we were posting payment on the group owner, no distribution provision was there. Due to that, the front office manager has to invest efforts to distribute the posted amount among each room of a group which was taking a great deal of time in amount settlement. To overcome this problem, now the system will allow the payment distribution while taking a booking with fewer efforts and simple way.

Let’s see how?

eZee Absolute Configuration:
We have provided display settings page for the group payment posting mode, having two options viz. Group Owner and room distribution. To satisfy the current scenarios as well with the distribution provision, we have provided Group Owner option along with the room distribution option. Group Owner will post the payment on the owner of the group. As per our old working flow, room distribution will distribute the payment among each room of group booking. This will distribute the payment by balance or proportional based on the payment amount. If the guest is paying fully then by balance otherwise proportional. Please see the below screenshot:

eZee Absolute Frontoffice:
In the front office, you will see this provision on a walk-in and insert transaction screen. This will be visible inside the payment block. Please see the below screenshot of walk-in screen:

Note: Payment distribution will not be allowed for PG payment.

Introducing Void/ Edit Payment Entry From Group Folio in eZee Absolute

We are introducing a new screen in group folio where we provide all the
group payments and allow user to edit or void these payments from a single

Below is how the user can access this feature:

Upon clicking the link, a payment pop up opens up as follows:

Multiple payments can be voided as follows:

Multiple payments can be edited as follow:

Please note that in case of Fiscal being ON, the user will not be allowed
to perform the bulk edit or void operations. And only a single payment can be
dealt with at a time. Below is the screen for the same.

Secure Connectivity in Hotel PMS and Channel Manager Application

We are going to release a new version of the application with secure connectivity. As this is an important patch, we will ask every user to update the current version who is not using a secured one. So they may see a message box as shown in the below image.

Language Caption Enhancement for Housekeeper into Hotel PMS and Channel Manager Application.

  • We have introduced language caption for housekeeper into the Hotel PMS and Channel Manager Application
  • Now hotelier can set the specific language caption for their respective housekeeper preferred language
  • The respected changed caption will be reflected in the mobile application
  • Following are the steps below to use this feature:
    • Login to Absolute configuration and go to housekeeper module from the Housekeeping dropdown.

  • Click on Add housekeeper to add new housekeeper.
  • Fill the details of a housekeeper and add username, password, and select App language.
  • Click on Save to store the information
  • The default will be selected by default
  • Other than Default, it will allow you to change the language from the language setting page into a configuration
  • For changing the existing housekeeper App language click on edit

  • Then select the respective App language for the housekeeper and save the configuration
  • Login to the app with the same user into Mobile Application
  • The language caption change from the configuration will be reflected into the user which are having App language, not as Default
  • Path to change labels: Settings->Others->Language Settings->Display Label
  • Select Absolute app from the module dropdown and houseKeeper from the other dropdown and then click on the load module

  • Access mobile application with the housekeeper login credentials.
  • Change the caption which is needed as per the housekeeper preferred language.

  • After changing the language caption check in a mobile application to verify



Configure Voucher Template for Paymaster Room

We are providing a feature to assign the template to paymaster rooms so that you can send the voucher for a reservation.

Absolute Configuration

  1. Rooms->Room->Add/Edit Room 

    • From “Add/Edit Room”, if the user configures room as “Paymaster room” and enable “Send Voucher” then they also have to select template shown in an above screenshot.
    • When a hotelier takes booking on the paymaster room then configured template will be assigned to booking.
  2. Master->Email Templates->Template
    • If a template is configured with room for a sending voucher then the user can not perform delete operation and will display an appropriate message. A user can also check which room is using this template.

Absolute Front Office

  1. Single Room Reservation
    • When a user takes the booking with “Paymaster Room” using “Walk-In” screen, then at that time a configured template will be used to send the voucher.
    • If a user takes the booking on the Non-Paymaster Room (Normal Room) “System Define Template” based on “Reservation Type” will be used to send a voucher.
  2. Group Reservation
    • When a user takes the group booking without “Paymaster Room” – “System Define Template” based on “Reservation Type” will be used for the entire booking.
    • When a user takes the group booking including “Paymaster Room” and if the template of “Paymaster Room” is same as Non-Paymaster Room’s template then the same template will be assigned to the entire booking.
    • When a user takes the group booking including “Paymaster Room” and if the template of “Paymaster Room” is not same as Non-paymaster Room’s template then below wizard will be opened to set the template for the entire booking.
    • When a user performs “Add New Guest”, the group-level template will be assigned to a new reservation. Note:-Once user set the template to Reservation, it will not be able to change.
  3. Room Move
    • If the user performs “Room Move” operation from Normal Room to Normal Room, it will keep the same template as before for the current booking.
    • When the user performs “Room Move” operation from Normal Room to “Paymaster Room”, confirmation wizard will open with the appropriate message to set paymaster’s voucher template for the current booking.
  4. Exchange Room
    • If the user performs “Exchange Room” operation between two rooms, a template will be as it is which was assigned before.
    • When the user performs “Exchange Room” between Normal room and “Paymaster Room”, confirmation wizard will open with the appropriate message and take action for that two reservation.

Call Posting/PABX Interface

Call Posting Interface is an interface for posting call charges on the guest folio. It is working on room extension which is unique for each room. And PABX is to send data to service for barring and unbarring the room.

One has to configure settings as given below:

Call Posting/PABX Settings (Configuration Panel):

Once “Call Posting/PABX Service” is enabled on your account, you can see the page link in the absolute configuration as given below:

While clicking on“Call Posting/PABX Settings” page, you will see options as given below:

You have to configure these options and also need to set the “Auth Key” in service which is provided by us.

Note: For “Update Guest Profile” operation it will send data if you will update the guest name.

Room Configuration :
Go to “Rooms->Room” and open “Add/Edit Room” configure “Phone Extension” field for that particular room, like below screenshot:

Note: “Phone Extension” field must be unique for each room, also take care that each setting configured properly in service.

Now, service will detect required details like room (based on extension), dialed number, time duration, charge, and so on for in-house guests. If everything is configured properly, it will directly post the call charge to a particular folio. However, if there is no guest in the room, have not checked out or setting is not configured properly then it will save as “Unposted Calls”, a user needs to post it manually from “Folio Detail” section of “Edit Transaction” screen. See below screenshot:

Click on “Unposted Calls” and you can see below window:

You can manually post these unposted call charges to the folio.
Before posting – a call charge will look like below;

After posting – a call charge will look like below;  

When hotelier takes a walk-in/reservation he/she can select the option from “Walk-In/Reservation” screen like below screenshot;  

“Allow PABX Call Posting” option is selected by default if you had selected it at the time of configuration settings. If the booking is received from OTA or “Booking Engine” then it will take the value as default which is configured at the time of the setting.

If there are already some bookings before the “Call Posting Interface” configuration then you need to set its “Allow PABX Call Posting” manually from edit transaction screen.

When you click on “Allow PABX Call Posting” it will ask you whether you want to allow posting for this guest or not, see the below screenshot;     

If you want to allow then click on the [OK] button and if you don’t want to allow then click on [Cancel].

Note: You can allow it only one time, once you submit then you will not be able to change it.

Send Data To PABX Service For Complimentary Booking :

A new option is introduced in the absolute configuration->Settings->Others->Call Posting Integration with the name “Allow To Send Data For Complimentary Booking” which is used to allow the system to send data to PABX service for complimentary bookings.

If you are not allowing the system to send data to PABX service then you will be able to see the option in “Edit Transaction->General Information->More->Send Data To PABX Service” in case of complimentary booking.

You can send data manually for each operation you performed for that particular booking.

Update Room Status :

PABX service can update the room status like dirty or not and you can see it in the audit trail just like below;  

Customization of iLoyalty in eZee Absolute

Below points are covered in iLoyalty Customization

  1. Allow multiple redeem in a single reservation
  2. Display OTP window  based on iLoyalty panel settings
  3. Checking the minimum and maximum redeem point

1) Allow Multiple Time Redeem in Single Reservation
Now, we allow multiple time to redeem on a single reservation until the user has points in a card.

2) Display OTP window based on iLoyalty Panel Settings
Till now, when any user performs iLoyalty Redeem operation then every time we display “Enter OTP” window. But now, we display “Enter OTP” window based on iLoyalty Panel Settings. From “iLoyalty Panel” we manage whether we want to allow OTP at time of redeeming or not. If a setting is disabled then Redeem operation will be performed without OTP.

3) Checking Minimum and Maximum Redeem Point
In iLoyalty Panel, there are setting for minimum and maximum redeem points, so we also check that while redeeming points in eZee Absolute.

New Group Invoice for Bhutan Region

We have customized a new Group Invoice and Group Folio Pro forma Template (Template-11) for Bhutan region.

In eZee Absolute Configuration:
Settings -> General -> Print and Email Settings

In eZee Absolute Front office:
Group -> Group Reservation -> Edit Group -> Folio

1) Print Group Invoice and Group Pro forma Invoice

If the Template 11 is configured in Absolute configuration, then the below template will be displayed.



New Group Invoice Template 13 For All Indian Properties

We have provided new Group Invoice and Group Folio Pro forma Template (Template 13 – GST India) for all Indian properties.

In eZee Absolute Configuration:
Settings -> General -> Print and Email Settings

From “Group Invoice Template” and “Group Folio Pro forma Template” drop-down and select “Template 13 – GST India”.

Settings -> Others -> Language Settings -> Display Label

First, select “Group Invoice Templates” module then select “Group Invoice Template 13 – GST India” from the second drop-down and click on load module button.

Set any caption as per the preferred language and Save.

After saving the caption it will be reflected on the eZee Absolute Front Office.

In eZee Absolute Front office:
Group -> Group Reservation -> Edit Group -> Folio

1) Print Group Invoice and Group Pro forma Invoice

If the “Template 13 – GST India” is configured then the template will be shown as below:  

2) Send Group Invoice to Guest or Company or Travel Agent

If the “Template 13 – GST India” is configured and email ID exists then a hotelier will be able to send group invoice on the specific email ID.

New Privilege “Allow Selling Room as Complimentary” to Allow or Restrict Zero Rates Booking in Absolute

The new Privilege “Allow selling Room as Complimentary” to allow or restrict zero rates booking in the Absolute.
Currently, we do not have any provision to restrict zero rates booking in the PMS. So we have introduced a new privilege to allow/restrict zero rates bookings in PMS.
If the privilege is not assigned to any particular user, it will restrict to enter zero rates from following screens.
1.Walk-in screen
2.Insert transaction screen
3.New reservation screen
4.Room move screen
5.Updates rates in edit transaction->room charges
6.edit screen in edit transaction->folio-detail

(1)Walk-in screen
The “sell as complementary” option on the walk-in screen will not be visible if this privilege is not assigned for that particular user.

Besides, if the user tries to insert zero rates in the manual mode of rates, the user will not be able to take the bookings.

The same restrictions are applied on insert transaction screen as well as new reservation screen.

(4)Room move screen
If the user is performing room move operation to other room type and select manual option, the user will not be able to move the room with zero rates.

(5)Updates rates in edit transaction->room charges
If the user tries to update rates from room charges screen in the edit transaction. He will not be able to update rates to zero. (same for the individual as well as group reservation)

(6)Edit screen in edit transaction->folio-detail
If the user tries to edit room charges rates from the folio detail tab in the edit transaction with zero rates, he will not be able to update rates to zero.

Access To Allow Undo Checkout Privilege For Users

Currently, every user was allowed to perform the Undo Checkout operation.
So we have introduced privilege Access To Allow Undo CheckOut at a user level. Admin can assign privilege to any user.

eZee Configuration->User->Edit UsereZee Absolute Front office->Departure List

When Access To Allow Undo Checkout privilege is assigned to any user, Undo Checkout option will be displayed in the menu for that particular user as shared in below screenshot.eZee Absolute -> Quick SearchWhen Access To Allow Undo Checkout privilege is not assigned, Undo Checkout option will not be displayed in the menu.

New Report : Daily Extra Charge – Maldives

This report is a customised version of daily extra charge report and is open for Maldives region only. This report has additional tax bifurcation and user wise Extra charge summary as shown in the screenshot below.

Print Form


Received Today’s Booking and Next day Booking List in Email as HTML on Night Audit

Earlier, there were two different reports sent on night Audit Process for;

1) Receive Today’s Arrival and Next Day Arrival List  in Email as HTML

2) Receive Today’s Departure And Next day Departure List in Email as HTML  

Now, the above two reports are combined in one report.

Report Name: Receive Today’s Bookings and Next Days Bookings List in Email as HTML

This report will be sent as HTML in an email with booking details attachment in XLS.  

Facturante Fiscal Integration (Regions of Argentina)

Facturnate Fiscal Interface is now available for the regions of Argentina. The fiscal can be activated with below settings.

1) Activate interface from onboarding panel.

2) Configure interface from Interface Setting in eZee Absolute and activate.

Absolute Configuration: 

Interface activation and mapping of Facturante fiscal Interface settings can be implemented from Common Interface.

Select “Facturante” to register and activate with provided authenticated credentials.

User is required to save provided credentials and activate the Facturante Fiscal Interface.

Identity type and tax is required to map with provided Facturante Interface Taxes. This will be used during the  inovice fiscalization.


In Absolute Front Office: 

Once Facturante Interface is Activated from configuration, user can fiscalize the invoice from Edit transaction and POS screen. The invoice will be fiscalized automatically on checkout, undo checkout, void folio and void reservation operations as per requirement. User can also manually  fiscalize the invoice, void fiscal invoice and print fiscalized invoice operations as per requirement.

1) Edit transaction :

To view fiscalized invoice details, you need to click on “Facturante Fiscal” button listed on the page.


By clicking on the Facturante Fiscal button, a pop-up will open to perform operations related to fiscalization.

Once the invoice is fiscalized, the details of fiscalized invoice will be displayed as below. You can view the status of the fiscalized invoice on mouse hover of “Fiscal Status”. You can see the reason of success or failure of fiscalized invoice. The same will be displayed in audit trail.

Note: If user doesn’t want to fiscalize any folio with manual or auto process, then user has to select those folios with selection of “Don’t Fiscal” checkbox option. Once checkbox is enabled, then those folios will not fiscalize.

Once any Invoice is fiscalized, then the Popup msg will be displayed at right bottom of the  page for the information purpose. Once you click on the information, it will be removed  from the list.


2) POS (Incidental Invoice ) Page :

Incidental invoice can be registered with below screen.

Once any incidental invoice is registered, then user has to manually fiscalize the invoice. You can view, print and fiscalize invoice/void fiscal invoice process from the provided “Facturante Fical” option in left panel.


AirPay POS Interface

AirPay POS is a payment platform to accept payments using a device. Currently, it supports for the Indian currency.

Take a look at how this interface works with Absolute:

In eZee Absolute Configuration:

To enable this interface from the configuration side follows the steps given as below.

  • Step-1: Activate a common Interface layer with the help of our support team.
  • Step-2: Go to “Settings->Interface Settings”.

Step-3: Select “AirPay POS” configure settings and “Save” the details.

  • Step-4: Once settings updated, go to Settings->General->Display settings and select AirPay POS from payment gateway drop-down and update settings.

1. AirPay support INR currency only 
2. 10 digit mobile number is compulsory in order to make payment through AirPay POS.

AirPay POS Payment (Card charge): You can charge any customer using AirPay POS with below steps:
Edit transaction-> Folio detail tab-> select “Bank” from the payment type and select “AirPay POS” from payment gateway type. Enter the amount and click on add.

After clicking on the add button, you will be able to see one pop-up. If your payment registration process is done then you will see a confirmation message on that popup.

Once you see this message. Then insert credit/debit card into the POS device and proceed with payment.

Once you see confirm message on POS device then Click on the Confirm button to add payment detail to a folio.


If you close this pop-up without clicking on confirm button then you will lose your payment detail and that detail will not be available on client’s folio.

Once you click on the confirmation button, you will be able to see payment entry on a folio.

AirPay POS Refund:
Click on a refund from right menu of payment. You will see the screen as shown below:

If you see above pop-up then press key 1 on POS device, enter a password for void and enter trace number shown on screen. Then proceed your refund on POS. Once you see confirm message on POS then click on confirmation button on the pop-up.

AirPay POS Authorization :

To perform authorization with AirPay POS, go to Edit transaction->Folio Detail->Card Authorization-> enter an amount to be authorized and click on the authorized button. You will see the same screen as seen for Payment. Once you see that screen, complete your authorization by inserting card to POS device and complete transaction. Click on the confirmation button, once you’ll see the confirmation message. You will be able to see authorized detail on the Card Capture screen.

AirPay POS Capture(Auth Complete) : 

You can capture the authorized amount from the capture screen. Edit transaction->folio detail->card capture

Once you click on the capture icon, you will see popup shows as below:

After seeing this pop-up, press key 2 on POS device and complete auth capture transaction. once you see the confirmation message, then click on the confirm button on the pop-up.

AirPay POS Reverse(Auth Cancel) :

Click on reverse auth button to cancel the authorized amount. The same screen will show the complete reverse process from POS and click on the confirm button.

Transportation Interface With Ezee Absolute For Maldives Region

We have integrated “Transportation Interface” with eZee Absolute For Maldives Region. Take a look at how this interface works with Absolute:

In eZee Absolute Configuration: 
To enable this interface from the configuration side, follow the steps given as below:

Perform the below steps to configure settings:

Step-1 : Go to “Settings->Others->Transportation Interface”

Step-2: Enable “Interface” and click on “Save” button like below:

Step-2: After clicking on the save button, you will get auth key which will be used while sending the request.

One service needs to be installed on your machine which will provide you multiple transportation flexibility to fulfil needs of Maldives region.

Web Socket – ID Scanner Integration

With this ID Scanner, hotelier can perform two types of ID scan :
1) Thaiid
2) Passport

Absolute Configuration:
Path: Absolute Configuration >> Others >> Settings >> ID Scanner Settings.

Hotelier needs to provide a URL from where the service will fetch data
The hotelier can activate ID Type based on their choice
Download the setup file and install in windows system only, as shown in the below screenshots:

Absolute Front-Office:
The hotelier can scan identity from Walk-in, Insert transaction, and guest profile window as shown in the below screenshots:


Insert Transaction:Guest Profile:

If both ID Types are activated from the configuration side, then it will prompt below popup to choose which ID do you want to scan, as shown in below screenshot :

WAY2SMS Interface

Description: Way2SMS interface setting for eZee Absolute and eZee Reservation.

  1. WAY2SMS Interface Setting at EzeeAbsolute
    Configuration side :
  • Go to SMS -> SMS Settings
  • Select ‘WAY2SMS’ from Provider dropdown and fill the required fields ‘Secret Key’ and ‘API Key’ which is provided by SMS Provider. For a client ID, you have to create sender ID from Way2SMS admin Panel and it’s length must be 6 characters.

Shown in the below screen :

  1. WAY2SMS Interface Setting at EzeeReservation :
  • Settings -> SMS -> Settings
  • Select ‘WAY2SMS’ from Provider dropdown and fill the required fields ‘Secret Key’ and ‘API Key’ which is provided by SMS Provider. For a client ID, you have to create sender ID from Way2SMS admin Panel and it’s length must be 6 characters.


Reputation Management System into “Hotel PMS” and “Channel Manager App”

  • We have introduced a reputation management system into “Hotel PMS” and
    “Channel Manager App”

  • The hotelier can access summary, review, rating and competitor analysis
    of reputation management from app

  • To access reputation management features into the app, follow the steps below:

    • Click on the menu into the bottom panel

    • Into side menu, you’ll see Critique Dashboard, Critique Review list, Critique
      Rating and Critique of Competitor Analysis

           Critique Dashboard:  

  • The hotelier can see average rating, total reviews, positive and
    negative reviews

  • Hotelier will also able to see source wise review, keyword analysis
    and recommended actions


  • The hotelier can also apply for purchase of reputation management from
    the app

  • Click on “I want to purchase”

  • Click on “Okay”, to confirm the purchase of reputation management for
    the property


            Critique Review:

  • To access critique review click on the “menu” and then “Critique Review

  • The hotelier will be able to see all the review from OTA (which he is
    link too) and also the reviews that are provided on booking engine



  • The hotelier can also change the dates to check reviews by accessing the
    “more button header”. And then selecting provided dates or custom

  • The hotelier can also send an email, translate review, share on social media and can reply to reviews given by guests on OTA

  • The hotelier can also search for the specific OTA review


             Critique Rating:

  • The hotelier can see the overall rating given in a span of 30 days

  • All these ratings are the sum of all OTA rating and booking engine



  • The hotelier can also change the dates as per the requirement

  • The hotelier can also search for the specific OTA rating


Critique Competitor Analysis:

  • The hotelier can see his competitor’s rating in this section

  • Maximum 5 competitors can be added into this section

  • The hotelier can compare positive, negative and average reviews



  • The source-wise review also displayed into this section

  • Detailed analysis is also displayed


           Send Mail:

  • The hotelier can send an email of the review as per his requirement

  • Multiple email address (which will be separated by comma) and the description can also be added before sending an email



  • The hotelier can also reply to review given by the guest on OTA

  • Need to add a description which he wants to add against the review

  • Click reply to send it



  • Share via Twitter and Facebook

  • A client can share a review on social media

  • A client can share a review on Facebook and Twitter




Guest Profile in “Hotel PMS” and “Channel Manager Application”

  • We are going to introduce “Guest Profile” in the application. It will
    allow hotelier to Edit Guest information from the application.

  • Below are steps on how Hotelier can take benefit of this feature

  • There are two steps to open the Guest Profile page:

    1) Click on person icon of arrival or departure or reservation list  

2) Click on more button -> Edit Guest Profile  

  • Below are the steps for how to update Guest profile:  

  • Click on the arrival or departure or reservation list. After that,
    click on the person icon button  

  • The guest profile page will open and hotelier can change the guest
    information as per their requirements

  • Click on the SAVE button

  • Updated information will be displayed


Sharer Management in “Hotel PMS” and “Channel Manager Application”

  • We are going to introduce “Sharer Management” in application

  • It will allow hotelier to manage guests

  • Below are steps for sharer management

  • Click on the Arrival or Departure or Reservation list 

  • Click on Guest Name 

  • View transaction page will be open

  • Click on the Sharer information Tab 

  • The hotelier can see Sharer information 

Add Sharer

  • Add Sharer information in the guest profile page

Edit Sharer

Delete sharer


Delete Single/Multiple Notification[s] in Hotel PMS and Channel Manager App

  • We have introduced delete notification on the notification page

  • This feature will provide hotelier to delete single or multiple
    notifications from the application

  • Below are the steps for delete notification:

    To delete single notification;  

  • Click on the Notification icon at the footer or from
    menu->Notification Page  

liL-ZnWQGRvIuiLd1hjSaSTX5PRWJLbjZu9f-HvXj2EdKHbt6xfGRIPGM3TDIHtmpv6Llf1hc-q48M7FZ3UPqL37ZChvMNLdgaNGbnDPrfEMrGPnIcrzoum7tPUO3NfE8677oPYE (929×1600)

Z (922×1600)

  • Click on Cross icon (X) and a confirmation box will appear before
    removing it

  • Click on the YES button

  • Selected notification will be deleted successfully