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-1: Retrieving the com class factory for component with CLSID Failed due to the following error. – ID Scanner.

If we see the above message while clicking on the Mykad option to fetch Mykad details from the Device. We need to check some settings which are as follows.

  1. The above message can raised in some of the scenarios, first Mykad Dll files are not registered on the machine.
  2. Which can be registered as follows. First, run as admin Powershell X86 from the machine.

Please add the below command to set the location

Set-Location -Path “C:\Program Files (x86)\eZee\Mykad”

The path can be achieved from the files we added in eZee folder as follows.

Type the command in PowerShell regsvr32 ezeemykadvb6.dll so once we get the below message we can try and test the same from eZee absolute software.

  1. It can be also possible that Reader Type is not set with the correct reader of Mykad. This also can cause concern and it will give the same message as above while clicking on the Mykad option.

The above solution should be able to resolve the concern with -1: Retrieving the com class factory for components with a CLSID Failed message. It should be able to generate and fetch the data from Mykad with the above troubleshooting.